On my back, neutrals

Bravo looks very worried here. Maybe he’s concerned because I’m wearing ankle-cropped pants, which could be misconstrued as highwater pants.

Was anyone else made fun of in elementary or middle school for highwater pants?  I couldn’t help it that my legs grew twice as fast as my ability to procure longer jeans.  I didn’t pay for my clothes!

Anyway, I got these ankle cropped black skinnies from Forever 21 (with my birthday gift card from my aunt Kathy!  Thanks so much!) a couple weeks ago and I cannot stop wearing them.  And I keep wearing them with black, white, cream and gray.  No color for me.  Which is not normal for summer, but on this particular day I matched Bravo, this fire hydrant, and the gray sky.


4 thoughts on “On my back, neutrals

  1. Adorable! Love your style! And your freaking adorable pooch!

    Ok I had to say reading your comment I was like “you KNOW ME?” haha! There aren't many people who KNOW KNOW me who read it ya know so I had to come see your blog! I appreciate your .02 so thanks! 😀

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