inside art- shameless plug, etc.

So I blog for the Fort Worth Opera, currently.  If you’re in town for the next few weeks you need to check out their season, specifically their world premiere, Before Night Falls.  You can check out my latest post here.

It’s been a lot of time, but a lot of fun working with the opera.  At the very least I get to perform in an amazing theater, and be around working artists.  Is it just me, or is it awesome to walk out of a theater, and see musicians carrying their cases and headed home for the night.  I don’t know, something about all of us leaving the haven of Bass Hall at the same time to return home.  It’s like we leave an imaginary world and walk out into reality.  And reality- beautiful downtown Fort Worth in May, so early summer breezes- isn’t half bad! I don’t know if I’m accurately describing this scene, but I love it just as much as I loved seeing actors and musicians in NY leave their broadway theaters to head home.  You’re watching someone who just spent a few hours living their dream, and they look so satisfied.

On a slightly related note… I went to Starbucks today, and finished the aforementioned blog post in 20 minutes, although I’d been staring at it for an hour at home.  Isn’t it funny how just leaving home can increase my work-related productivity.  That or just turning off the tv, but there’s no way I was going to do that… I was watching the season of ANTM with Caridee and Melrose!  Leaving and heading to coffee shop to get an unseasonable hot beverage was my only option.

And on an unrelated note… warning to everyone: I’ll be making a big (nay, HUGE) announcement in the next week.  While the announcement is not technically blog-related, it is related to my life, which is pretty much what I blog about so it will of course affect the blog.  Sorry to be vague, but I’m waiting for confirmation before I make any announcements.

Until then, I wish for you much productivity. or Starbucks.  Or both.


One thought on “inside art- shameless plug, etc.

  1. Sounds intriguing (your announcement and the Opera!)….. I need to go online and check that out. I think I would enjoy seeing that….

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