On my Back- The Unstoppable Denim Vest

This is one of those outfits that’s difficult to pose in, and the photos just don’t flatter me or the outfit.  Oh well, live and learn.

In case you can’t tell, this is a skirt!  When I started reading style blogs, I realized (by seeing bloggers experiment wildly) that the original designers of my clothes wouldn’t come after me for wearing them in ways other than what they had originally intended (a lot of weight fell off my shoulders that day.  I’m FREE!).  Ever since, I have been wanting to wear this long peasant skirt as a dress, belted.

It works, in theory.

A lot of theories didn’t pan out though.  Gravity.  Geometry…

name that TV show quote!

Here’s why it works.  It jets out into an A-line (If I had to pick a silhouette to marry it would be an A-line, and I did get married in an A-line so it’s kind of the same thing) and stops right at my knees, which is great.  And it’s flouncy and fun.  And I love this belt with it.

BUT- the billowy look on top is just a little weird for me.  And a bit disconcerting… let’s just say that the elastic moving from my waist to my chest was a bit loose… don’t worry mom, no flashing, but I did worry a bit…  And the loose shape of it all… I have a hard time with that visually on myself because I’ve come to realize that I prefer cleaner, more structured lines or I feel like it makes me look not like myself. Or at least not how I like to look.

In theory (again with the theories…) this vest would help add some fit to the top, but I really wanted to leave it open to show the belt.  And I feel weird about how I look with the vest open.  So I ask my readers a candid question:

Is this vest flattering on me when it’s left open (rather than buttoned up, which I’ve already determine that I LOVE).

Here’s the thing- the way the neckline scoops out when it’s open emphasizes my large ribcage.  Making my top half look a lot wider than I want it to.  But is this just me?  Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

I still like this outfit because it felt good!  If I were to wear it again I’d go with heels, because I think it would make it look a little less messy.

I also think I’m going to wear a variation on this outfit next month to go country line dancing (Its Texas ya’ll!).  I know it seems boho now, but a little more denim and some cowboy boots and it’s total prairie cowgirl!


4 thoughts on “On my Back- The Unstoppable Denim Vest

  1. I once had a black skirt in college that I wore more often as a dress than a skirt. It worked, but with a cardi. I like the blue skirt/dress with the belt. I think what you put together is super cute!

  2. Since the vest is a dark color, it still has the slimming effect you get when it is buttoned.

    Very resourceful outfit, I love it when you can find alternative uses for pieces you might not otherwise wear.

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