about my obsession with… the hills, the city, again… sorry

Ok, I know it was bad that I admitted to watching the hills (nay, everyone watches it, but I record it… that’s the sad part) and the city, but I just can’t help it, I need to lower your opinion of me EVEN MORE by talking about this week’s episode.

First, The City.  Did anybody else LOVE Erin’s face when she was listening to Kelly Cutrone drop a million f-bombs in two minutes??? awesome.  Also awesome, Joe Zee finally coming down on Olivia for NOT DOING HER JOB instead of giving excuses as to why maybe she didn’t do her job…  And last, did anyone else notice that during their “confrontation” (that Olivia annoyingly chose not to take part of… I’m guessing when Olivia grieves she gets stuck in the denial phase…)  Whitney was wearing leopard print leggings and Olivia a leopard print belt?  Perhaps because this was meant to be a catfight?  Perhaps because the fashion and PR world is a big jungle?  Symbolism folks! It’s alive and well.

Now onto The Hills.  First, some of my favorite quotes/moments:

1) “I just need a lamb to love”– Spencer Pratt.
Ya’ll.  He was holding a lamb.  They had a kid’s party (for their neighbor’s kid, clearly Heidi’s idea, and everyone else was way confused by this, but whatever) that included a petting zoo and elephant rides (yeah, we’ll get to that in a minute.)  Anyway, Spencer’s holding a lamb while he’s yelling at everyone and then he gets all Lenny on us and starts sweet-talking the lamb (somebody give me extra points for that American Lit reference… 20 points for you if you know who Lenny is!)

2) “I’m really glad those guys cleaned up after the elephant”– Heidi Pratt
Yep.  6 year old birthday party.  Elephant rides.  I’d be glad they cleaned up too.

3) Noticing how Spencer had layered his wrists with crystal bracelets to “work on his spirit”

4) “yeah, I’d hook up with her… let’s cuddle!” -Brody talking to Kristen about Audrina
just what every girl wants to hear…

5) noticing that Stacy has graduated from her original title “stacy the bartender.”  Now she’s just “Stacy- Kristen’s friend”  You go Stacy!

Now for my favorite quotes from The Guns as we watched The Hills (I don’t make him watch The City… I’m nice like that)

1) After a Spencer blow-up… “I think this is written.”
Oh, my sweet husband, he thought the Hills might be real.  And as awesome as it would be if it was… yeah, I think this is written too.

2) “What?  Now they’re going to dinner?  They just went shoe shopping?  WHAT DO THEY DO?”
The age old question, my love.  That is the question.

3) “Oh, I’m never moving to LA.”

If you hate The Hills, I apologize, I’ll try to become a better person and stop watching… once this season is over…


6 thoughts on “about my obsession with… the hills, the city, again… sorry

  1. The Guns' reaction to the episodes is hilarious. Jeremiah is the same way when he catches me watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I cannot help it, it's like a compulsive need to know what's going on with them. Maybe one day you and I can hold a reality tv party and not feel bad about our guilty pleasures.

  2. Obviously, KJ, you have a misguided love affair with Spencer and Heidi. I quit watching the Hills after LC left. She was once the love of my life.

  3. it's not a love affair, I just think they're ridiculous and hilarious because they are CRAZY! Also, I agree, LC's Hills was better, however without her it is just a super interesting train wreck. can't. stop. watching.

  4. Congrats on the literary reference. So nice to see you using your English degree. So proud. The reference is to Lenny in “Of Mice and Men.” What do I win?

  5. I know who Lenny is! My boyfriend is always telling me “easy Lenny” when I squeeze the cat to death. I can't help it… she's just so damn cute.

    I love The Hills too. Makes me miss home… it's a half an hour cure for my CA homesickness. Died laughing over the elephant… i could not BELIEVE they had an elephant in their backyard and then when Brody said the same thing I died laughing all over again.

  6. Yes the reference is from Lenny who is speaking to george and its about rabbits. The author is John Steinbeck and in one version of the movie Lenny is played by Randy Quaid who went to Bellaire High School in Houston. (fyi I used to reference to look any of this up, pure Jacob knowledge)

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