over my head, justa buncha thoughts

I’ve been working weird hours and spending a lot of time away from my laptop (we’re going on a romantic getaway together next month to reconnect.  TMI?  just being honest… what do you want from me??? [should be read like Adam Lambert singscreams that song…]) That, and the fact that I’m dealing with ends of things right now, which infinitely squelches my creativit, means that my blog writing is suffering (if my blog writing were a tomagotchi she’d be all sad face right now), minus that fb post yesterday- thanks for the love ya’ll, glad you liked it.

Wow, could I make a paragraph with any more random references and difficult to follow parentheticals?  probably not.

Are you tired?  me too.

But I Still. Must. Blog.

So I give you some of the thoughts running around in my head.  Some are stolen (to be returned very soon) and others are just runts of the litter.  Please be kind to them.  It’s not their fault I’m crazy.

Awhile back I wrote a post about why God loves art.  But Donald Miller wrote a post today that is infinitely more effective, efficient, and excellently edited than mine.  I hope you (artist or not) will read it.

Dear Sarah Von of yes and yes.  You are awesome.  I’m promptly sending all my readers to your site (don’t even finish reading this, just go).  Also, if you were wondering who has been hanging out in your archives all day, what’s up!  It was me!  On my blackberry!  HOLLA!

I’m working with the Fort Worth Opera right now… if you want to read about one aspect of my experience, you can go here!

Why oh why didn’t I sign up to dress my best with the academichics??  Check it out ya’ll!  If you’re interested, my list would be: eyes, shoulders, backside, chest, and feet (I know, weird.  Dancer thing, I think)

Confession:  yesterday I scraped my Nutella jar clean with a spoon and ate it by itself.

Related Confession: I discovered Nutella my freshman year of college and promptly went through 3 jars in 1 month.  My 2 best friends typed up a 12-step program for Nutella-holics and taped it to my door (kind of like a combo between an AA leader and Martin Luther…) Whatevs, I love hazelnut.

Can I only sleep in sateen sheets for the rest of my life??? kthanks.

You know you’re married to a liberated husband when he lists off a list of his clothing items that need to be mended and then exclaims, “If I ONLY knew how to SEW!”  He’s cool with embracing “women’s work.”  I love him.

Seeing Jenna Fischer on those Proactive commercials makes you realize how much they dress her down to be Pam.

Concluding thought (cute, fluffy, and commanding) has just run away to be with her true love, purposeful thought (strong, pensive, and surprisingly soft).  I hope they’re happy together.


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