About my obsession with… The Hills AND The City

I shouldn’t admit that I have a series record on my DVR of both The Hills and it’s slightly more substantial, but much less dramatic spinoff, The City.

But I just did, so oh well.

Both shows feature young reality “celebs” spending money that is not accounted for- because their jobs seem to consist of randomly showing up, sitting in desks for 20 minutes, and then showing up at events, and eating lunches with their co-workers – always outside for optimal camera time- and gaining opportunities that are also unaccounted for and under-appreciated, with the exception of Whitney Port who seems extremely grateful for her collection showing in NY Fashion Week especially since it looks like she didn’t sew anything.

The season premieres were on Tuesday.  YAY!  Bring on the nonsensical conversation, the “she did WHAT?”, and then finding out what she did and wondering why we care at all.

Anyway I can say all I want about how the shows are pointless and somehow I still watch it.  Even though about 12 minutes of the 18 minute shows (sooo many commercials and recaps…)  just consists of awkward 3 word conversations and weird stares by the “characters”.

But I just want to know!  Is Spencer for real?  Why is he wearing a cowboy hat?  Why did Heidi want 10 different plastic surgeries? What goes on in Kristen’s head?  Why is Lo the smartest one on the show? Does she go by Lo at her work?  Where does she work?  Will Justin Bobby use any multi-syllabic words?

And I just watch The City because I like seeing Kelly Cutrone interact with Whitney.  It makes me happy.  It’s like watching a pit bull mother a tiny little bunny rabbit.  Precious.


2 thoughts on “About my obsession with… The Hills AND The City

  1. I was in and out of Laguna Beach and the first season or two of the hills. I'm really tempted to go back and watch all the seasons of LB and The Hills in order, closer together so I can see if it's really as ridiculous as it seems to me. Something about having to wait a week for such a miniscule story line makes me feel like I'm always missing some important detail. I have a feeling that's not the case, but I'm still curious!

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