(not) On my back (feet)

There are certain items in my closet that I am very attached to.  I love them.
Most of the time these items are shoes.  I have to replace shoes more often than any other item of clothing, which makes me really jealous of those Hebrews in the desert for 40 years.
I wish God would make my shoes last that long, but I guess it’s not really a reasonable request in the grand scheme of things. 
Anyway… I really don’t buy shoes unless I LOVE them, and I’m finally feeling like my shoe collection is pretty much complete.  And these brown espadrilles have been essential to my summer wardrobe for the past few years.  I have some others, but they’re not as versatile because they are canvas and have white polka dots.
Over the weekend I wore some super cute outfits, but my photographer was gone (camping or whatever) so I failed to document them.  I went to a choreography concert at TCU (BTW- TCU seniors if you read this, that was some of the best student work I have EVER seen.  You should be so proud.  Such beautiful, creative, successful, and thought-provoking work.  Each one of you entranced and engaged me in a different way.  Thank you all for being true to your own voice and passion) and then went grocery shopping (for cookie dough and sparkling cider, I’m not ashamed).  As I was walking out all of the sudden my left shoe began to flap in the wind.  It felt like flip-flops.
And this is what happened to my beloved shoes…
I don’t know if you can see that label, but they are from Charlotte Russe and I’ve had them for about 3 years. I think I paid about 15 dollars for them, and I cannot even begin to guess how many times I wore them.
So here’s my question… do I dare take this to a shoe repair shop?  Or will they laugh me out the door when I come in with such cheaply-made shoes “You paid $15, what do you expect?” Perhaps a cobbler could put some more wears in them, or maybe I should just suck it up and search for a new pair?


4 thoughts on “(not) On my back (feet)

  1. Take them and see what they say! They should be able to quote a repair price and even if it's another $15, it's a steal for shoes you love and wear all the time.

  2. Okay this is probably stupid but could you super glue the bottom to the heel? Maybe not. I don't know — I hate when good shoes die. I'm sure a shoe repair place will not laugh at you at all. It's what they do!

    You know, there are some FABULOUS wedges at Target right now for like $25.

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