Over my head, Good Dreams

Do you have good dreams?
I don’t.  I have bad dreams.  Exclusively.  iPhones are to AT&T as bad dreams are to me.  I don’t remember signing this exclusivity contract, but clearly I did at some point.
Ala Mitch Hedberg, I’d prefer not to have dreams, because when I want to sleep I want to sleep and when I have a dream I end up working.  “One minute you’re sleeping and the next you’re building a go kart with your ex-landlord.”
I used to only have dreams when I was stressed, and they usually involved me being late to something despite the fact that I was running as fast as I could and had plenty of time.  And usually the people around me were of no help.  They were just like “yeah it’s 11AM and you’re supposed to be at school for that test, but whatever you’re smart right?”  THANKS A LOT DREAM MOM AND DAD.
And I’d wake up freaking out because I’d missed the test/dress rehearsal/performance.  This was a recurring dream with different people and different situations but the same outcome of me waking up and feeling more stressed than when I laid my head down on the pillow.
I don’t have those kind of stress dreams any more, at least not that often.  Now I just have bizarre, unsettling dreams that I can only remember bits and pieces of, like last night.  There was something in my dream last night where someone was mad at me for flaking on something… like not feeding the blue wheat to the red wombats?  That wasn’t it, but it was like that. I was glad to wake up and find out that it wasn’t a big deal since it was just an imaginary responsibility.
I used to periodically ask The Guns if he dreamed about me, a conversation which always led to him asking if I dream about him.  Which always leads to the answer, “no, but you don’t want me to dream about you.  Because if I do, you’ll be in a bad dream, and I don’t want to associate you with bad dreams, but I will because I only have bad dreams.”
“that’s sad.”
And it is.  Truth be told, he has appeared in my dreams, but he really only makes appearances and yes they’re still bizarre dreams that make me feel weird, and thus they are bad dreams.
I don’t even know what a good dream looks like.  Castles?  Princesses? Unicorns?  Getting to be in a Black Eyed Peas music video?
So what does this mean if I only have bad, or at least bizarre dreams?  That’s what I’m wondering.  And also, what happens in your good dreams?


3 thoughts on “Over my head, Good Dreams

  1. Dreams are our minds way of working through our anxieties… the ones we shove down and don't work out in our conscious state. I rarely have good dreams either because I repress alot of stuff and tend to not think about it. I like to be positive in my daily life so I guess I pay for it at night!! LOL

  2. Holli- I'm totally with you on dreams working through our anxieties, and I actually thought to myself “hey, these dreams are so weird, and not fun, and they feel out of nowhere- maybe I'm just not dealing with enough stuff that's not fun and weird.” Maybe a little less positivity? No, I think I'm good, I'll suffer in my dreams I guess.

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