By My Side, Talking with the Guns

Back Story: Two things you need to know.  One, our new favorite scripted show is Parenthood.  If you are not watching, you NEED to!!!!!!!! MORE EXCLAMATION POINTS!!  If you’ve been wondering where all the good dramatic (and non action/forensic-related) writing has been, it’s because the writers of Parenthood have been holing up in the ground for the last five years perfecting the writing for this television show.  Watch and enjoy.  

Two, last weekend The Guns decided to watch Food, Inc. Moral of the story is eat organic food and beef from grass-fed cattle, which is tough because most of us have been eating only corn-fed beef that have been pumped with antibiotics for the last ten years.  And that’s what’s making us bigger and sicker.  I do not dispute the claims of Food, Inc., but The Guns is going to have to do the shopping if he really wants us to change our diets, he can deal with the higher prices, I’m not ready for that.

How are these two things related?  Well, at the end of this week’s episode of Parenthood they showed the birthing video of one of the characters’ sons.  But it was weird (Parenthood watchers, anyone else notice this?) this “newborn” was really really BIG.  Too big.  Giant head.

Me: Wow, that is so fake.  Look at how big that kid is!
The Guns: Maybe she had a lot of antibiotics.
Me: What?
The Guns: Maybe the mom had a lot of antibiotics in her system.  And corn.


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