On My Back, Primary Colors

I don’t have rules against color in my wardrobe.  I’ll wear orange.  I’ll wear yellow.  I’ll wear lime green.  I do however, have some predispositions for certain shades, tones, and saturations of color.  Generally, I’m good with bright colors, jewel tones, and neutral tones (which I define as like navy for the blue family, rose for the pink family, burgundy for the red family, mustard for the yellow family, etc. There’s probably a more accurate name but oh well).  Generally I’m not good with pastels.  I also generally stray away from primary colors- what I like to call “true red,” “true blue” and “true yellow.”  Whip out a color wheel and those are the colors that anchor it.

However, somehow, in this outfit I managed to include some shade of each of the primary colors.  All in one outfit.

Top: Ross
Cardigan, jeans: Forever 21
Shoes, ring: Charlotte Russe

not the most flattering shot, but I love these flutter sleeves…
…and the lace-like back
and the details on the cardigan…

I didn’t do this consciously, because if I had realized what I was doing, I never would have done it.  Red, blue and yellow in one outfit equals a playground.  But I think that somehow this came out fairly sophisticated.  What do you think?


3 thoughts on “On My Back, Primary Colors

  1. I like primary colors–they're classic! Though I'm usually drawn to you call the “neutral” tones. Let's go shop for jewelry soon. I need a basic necklace!

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