By My Side, Monday Night Video

This video was done on the fly, so the audio and picture don’t line up all that well at one point, but if you listen you’ll get the gist!

For the record, as soon as we were done recording this video, The Guns’ exact words were “I’m really interested n what’s gonna happen next.”  So he was not exactly an innocent bystander in our choice to watch Ms. Duff’s latest tv movie.

And, also for the record, I predicted nearly every plot turn in this movie.  Now maybe it’s because it’s ABC Family and it is supposed to be predictable.  But maybe it’s also because I’m really smart and should be writing made for tv movies.


4 thoughts on “By My Side, Monday Night Video

  1. for future ABC family viewing, you should definitely watch another cinderella story with selena gomez….it is hilarious. stephanie and I ended up watching it one night while we were doing homework and ended up crying twice we were laughing so hard. DOM ON NIQUE was our favorite part. tell jacob it is definitely worth it!


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