On My Back- 24 years of Clothes

I know that title sounds overly grandiose, but I turned 24 the other day, so yeah, I’ve worn clothes for 24 years.

When you put it that way, I’m kind of an expert.  We all are.

End of universal “we’re all in this together moment.”

A few people have asked how my birthday was.  Well, I didn’t know what we were doing, so I had to ask The Guns to tell me what to wear.

He said, “A dress.”
And I said “what kind of dress?”
“A dress.”
“I know, but like a sundress?  A dressy dress?  A black dress?  a Casual dress?  A maxi dress?  A Mini dress?”
blank stare.

So I suggested that he pick out a couple of dresses that would be acceptable.  He did, and I went with this one.

Shoes: Payless
Purse: Target
Dress, Denim Jacket, Necklace:?
Glasses: Plato’s Closet

I’ve had it for a few years, and it used to be my favorite dress to wear to events in which the dress code was ambiguous.  I loved the ruching.  Currently I’m not that crazy about the length (it brings attention to  my very strong and useful but not super flattering calves.  Such is life.) but I still like it.  Somehow The Guns has never seen me wear this dress, so that was a plus.

It’s a fairly simple outfit, but I kind of think that works for date nights.  The intricacies of layering and multiple accessories, is just not important to my husband.  He doesn’t mind all that, but he likes the simple I think.

So to celebrate my birthday we went to Simply Fondue, which is definitely the perfect restaurant for special occasions (free champagne or dessert for birthdays/anniversaries).  I got to dress up and dip things into melted cheese and chocolate?  Yes, please.  There’s another whole aspect to the meal where you dip different meats into boiling canola oil along with veggies and stuffed mushrooms.  Yesssss…

Melted cheese!!!!!!
We also got salad… I believe he was trying to perfect his Jamie Oliver impression here…
sauces to dip our meats in.  I love sauces.
chocolate fondue!!!

Unfortunately, eating a four course dinner caused us to return home and pass out in a food coma.

But not before I got my presents.

Because I’m out of perfume
Because I always buy the same (or similar) sunglasses at Target because I’m always losing/breaking mine.  Oh he knows me so well.

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