Welcome! Happy Birthday to ME!

Welcome, to kj… as herself, with guest appearances by Bravo.

I hope you’ll click around to learn more about the direction I want to go with this blog “re-launch”- Specifically the summary link above.  That page will lay out what I intend to do.
I hope that whether you know me “In real life” or just over the internets, you’ll enjoy reading the thoughts that run out of my head and onto the blog. I’m so grateful that you take your extremely valuable time to read what I have to say.
Today is also my 24th birthday, so according to The Guns I am officially in my mid-twenties.  No more excuses to act like I’m in my early twenties.  Time to start reading the Wall Street Journal and stop acting like it’s ok that I get my news solely from twitter (I know I’m not alone).  Time to stop making up dances to the top 40 hits so that I can jam in my car.  Time to stop eating Nutella from the jar.  Oh 24, you are a difficult birthday, but I guess you are just being you.
I have practically no plans for my birthday, but The Guns says he’s got it under control, and that sounds fine to me.  That’s kind of how we do things.  He’s in charge of my birthday and setting up whatever celebrations we’ll have for me.  And I do the same for him. 
Last year we went to a Beach Boys concert for my birthday, which may sound lame, but it was awesome.  Try to go to a Beach Boys concert and not have a good time.  Not possible.
The Beach Boys… not so much boys any more, but still great.
At the Beach Boys concert- we were engaged at the time, so we related most to “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”
For The Guns’ last birthday I took him to Luby’s (for non-Texans, that’s like a Picadilly, or S&S Cafeteria- basically a cafeteria style restaurant) for dinner around 4 or 5 PM because he was “so old” (looking back, that was kind of mean. I guess I’m lucky we’re still together), so I’m hoping that he doesn’t play a joke on me like that. 
Do you have any birthday traditions?

7 thoughts on “Welcome! Happy Birthday to ME!

  1. Hello there. I just read your comment on Jen Loves Kev. So true! I'm also newly married & contemplating the children questions – should we? when? Anyway, I just wanted to say that's great advice on giving/received advice.

  2. I think this is the start of a new, wonderful adventure 🙂

    Love the new header and layout — I'm actually thinking about adding tabs to my blog soon, haha, when I figure out some html tricks.

    Happy birthday! 🙂 Hope it's wonderful.

  3. wooo happy happy birthday!

    love the new blog setup. i'm *thinking* about setting up some of my posts in a similar fashion but i don't know yet. the layout will be worked out soon so i'd like to have my “changes” ready when that time comes but… one thing at a time, right?

    hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  4. Missed your bday yesterday, but Happy Birthday! Still remember that awesome 101 Dalmatians party you threw for your 6th birthday 🙂 Love the new header! I can't wait for school to be out; I'll have a lot more time to play around and work on a different layout! Hope you had a great day!

  5. Rodney and I did have a joint 24 birthday party where 24 the show was being played and switchfoot '24' also. For my 26th b-day my girlfriend got me 26 presents, it was pretty good! Not reallly any traditions though.

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