Fashion Friday- The End

This will be my last Fashion Friday.

When I launch my new look/blog title/content (eh, not completely new, but kind of) I’ll keep posting style posts, but I’ll focus on one or two outfits instead of including a week’s worth.

And I won’t call it Fashion Friday anymore.
I know you’re so sad about this.  Onto the photos

When I was a college freshman I became obsessed with getting a good, semi-shrunken tweed blazer.  I guess I got tired of this one because it landed in the back of my closet at my parent’s house. I rescued it over spring break.  I love pairing it with this t-shirt.  The pink picks up the pink in the tweed, the green in the logo picks up the same green in the tweed.  And there’s even some teal in the logo which justified the teal polka dots in my brown flats (and yes, I know they are too big- they’re also on their last leg, so I’m trying to give them love before they die…)

Blazer: Rampage
T-shirt, glasses, shorts: Target
Shoes: Old Navy

I consider this blazer an inverse of the other.  The former is brown with pink and green accents, and this one is pink (albeit a lighter pink) with green (it’s hard to tell here, but the green in this blazer floats somewhere in between chartreuse and olive, so it almost reads as khaki) and black accents.  Which is great, because I can wear a lot of the same things with both blazers, but I can also choose one to go with black based outfits and the other with brown (because I have not yet embraced mixing black and brown, unless it’s animal print.  I know, I’m so close-minded)
Anyway, I love pairing it with this top, it’s almost like mixing patterns with the knit portion at the top and I love to pair the booties with skinny jeans (and I’m slowly realizing that these may in fact be jeans leggings, however, in my defense, they were not labeled as that in the store…)
Blazer, earrings: ??
Top, jeans, shoes: Forever 21
glasses: target

Even though spring came around 3 weeks ago, I tend to save my springiest (the brights, the whites, the florals, and the very few pastels) clothes and outfits for after Easter.  I was super-excited to pair this dress and cardigan for Easter Sunday, although the silhouette is not photographing as well as I’d like. sigh.  Anyway, I realize that my combination of “floral” and spring/Easter is kind of obvious (I can just hear Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, “florals for spring? Groundbreaking.”) but that doesn’t make the outfit any less fun.
Dress: Windsor
Cardigan: Old Navy
Flats: Rocketdog
Necklace: gifted from MIL

One thought on “Fashion Friday- The End

  1. Aww, so long to Fashion Fridays! I'm excited to see what you have in store…

    So, I like your blazers and those cute flats. I never seem to wear my blazers enough, might have to get started on that.

    Ahh, I totally think that Meryl Streep line whenever I reach for a floral dress, but it's spring and they're so much fun to wear! Yours is really pretty!

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