Sneak Preview

I am currently choreographing a contemporary dance for Texas Dance Theatre (if you’re in the area- they’re performing on April 30!  And, oh, I am dancing in another work as well.  Yay!) and I decided to do a rough recording of the dance and share a short section here.
And now the millions of disclaimers: this clip jumps in about 30 seconds into the dance, the sound is terrible, the dancers may hate me for sharing this because we recorded it at 9:50 PM after a very long rehearsal period, one of the dancers is nursing an injury, etc. etc.  HOWEVER- I think this section looks great and will give you a taste of the work I’m creating.  
Click the jump to see the video

Music by Clogs


5 thoughts on “Sneak Preview

  1. i will admit i know next to nothing about the technical aspect of dance but THIS IS GREAT! i love the movement – a lot of it surprised me but i didn't feel disrupted by the surprise… if that makes sense.

  2. yay chai! I'm glad you liked it! And the surprise aspect is such a great, informative comment (plus it's exactly what I'm trying to do so I'm even more excited about that!)

  3. Hello KJL! Liked the part you showed – will look forward to another private video showing the next time you are home! I want to see the whole thing.

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