Nickname revealed!

Last week I asked for help in nicknaming/blognaming my husband, Jacob.  Lots of great suggestions (both in the comments, and IRL) but ultimately there was one that clicked.

My friend from home, Keri, suggested “Guns,” which I love, but I’m going to adjust it a little bit and call him “The Guns.”


It’s obvious isn’t it?

The Guns got this t-shirt as a groomsmen gift a few years back, and it’s no secret that when he has time he likes to be in the gym working on his fitness. Polishing up his guns.

And, I kind of like his guns.

Don’t worry, that’s as far as I’ll go with that one.

The funny thing is, as appropriate as that nickname is, I know that’s not why Keri suggested “Guns” as a name.  It’s because of this:

Yes, this is our wedding.  And this is how The Guns dances.  He whips out his hands like guns…

He did not learn this from me.
Keri’s boyfriend, we’ll call him A-Dog, is in the background with the sunglasses, enamored by the moves that The Guns is displaying.

And ever since, both Keri and A-Dog have given us a hard time about The Guns’ signature dance move.

So it’s official.  Jacob = The Guns

kj, The Guns, and Bravo: the new blog family.


4 thoughts on “Nickname revealed!

  1. haha, I LOVE THIS! hysterical! also… i am pretty pumped to see how you change the flow of the blog. i am experiencing a similar blog crisis… which happens to me like every three months. the nickname is a fun start!

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