for the sake of transparency, accountability

First, I’ve garnered a couple new readers/followers.  Welcome!  Hope you enjoy reading.

Now for some news.

Last week I mentioned that I’ll be doing some spring cleaning on the blog, and also some revamping.  So starting next Monday (my birthday… I’ll be turning the date of the month times 2… figure it out)  UnVeiled will become something else, both in name, direction, and content.  I’m not moving URLs, because I would hate to lose any of you in a move. I hope that changing directions (albeit slightly) will help me to focus my writing and what I bring to you, but I also hope it will give the blog a little more room to grow.

I will keep all the posts from UnVeiled on this blog, and you’ll be able to look through the archives by date and/or label, just like normal, but I’ll have the UnVeiled posts labeled as such so that you’ll know where the separation between the two blogs is.

I’ll still write about creativity and art.  I’ll still show you my best non-sweatpant style.  I’m sure I’ll still talk weddings since I LOVE a good wedding.  I’m hoping to talk a little more about where we live and the things we love about Fort Worth and Texas.  And no worries, you’ll still get the great newlywed stories from J and me.

And I’m writing all this for two reasons: 1) transparency- I don’t want to be like the soap opera that changes the actor that plays a main character, and doesn’t address it, so on Tuesday Beau is a brunette with strong jaw and on Wednesday he’s a dirty blond with a round face.  I want to be honest about the fact that I’m ready for a change, and that there needs to be a change.
2) accountability- in other words, I need this to happen next Monday, and it will now that I’ve told you that it would.

If there’s anything you’d like to see more or less of, please let me know!


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