Fashion Friday- Simple Solidarity

Not many photos today, but an unexpected, unplanned theme has emerged.
Are you following my friend JoAnn at Sidewalk Chalk?  She’s at the last 1/3 of her dress project, where she’s styling and wearing one of her 45 dresses each day until she wears all of them.  45 seemed like a lot to me, and then I counted and realized I have about 35, and I have no plans of trying to stop buying them.  Anyway, I’ve been in a dress mood all week, so I’ve been dressing in solidarity with JoAnn.
One of the things she mentioned that draws her to dresses is that a single clothing item can be an entire outfit.  And while I have loved learning to layer, I think my true style is actually pretty simple and classic.  These outfits don’t necessarily excite me, or take much effort, but I still felt put together and pretty.  Plus with all the warm temperatures it feels pretty nice to just throw on a dress and feel the sunshine on my arms.
I wore this to a dance concert at TCU.  The picture is kind of lame and doesn’t show the dress of that well, but it’s just a simple jersey tank dress.  I wore my purple heels and purple purse that I snagged from my closet at home.  I wanted some kind of neck attire and I thought this tiger print scarf did the trick.  
ps- I don’t know why the ends of my hair are turning chestnut while the top half of my hair is the normal chocolate brown?  I must get the question “Did you dye your hair?” about once every two months, and the answer is almost always no…
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Ross
Purse: XOXO
Scarf: stolen gifted from mom
Dress as a skirt, my new favorite thing.  And I love animal print with purple…
Dress: thrifted, Emmeline
Shirt, necklace: ?
Leopard Flats: Rocketdog
Logically, I know this dress makes my waist look shorter, but I don’t care, I love it.  I love navy, I love the pleats (that you can’t see here, sorry!), the cap sleeves, the neckline, the fact that I can just wear it and feel a little Audrey Hepburn, and the POCKETS!  Sorry for not showing those off…
Dress: Francesca’s
Flats: thrifted, Gap
Necklace: Thrifted

These photos are CRAZY!  Because it was so windy.  I was very brave to wear a dress today.
Dress: Urban Outfitters
Denim Blazer: Levi
Scarf: gifted from Singapore!
Flats: Rocketdog

I hope you get through the last of your dress project JoAnn!  Solidarity, sartorial sister!

2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday- Simple Solidarity

  1. I am definitely with you in that while the layers are coming off my style is getting simpler and simpler… I just want to throw on a light dress and walk out the door. Plus, it's already getting hot to the point in the afternoon that more than one layers is probably too many. (Does this mean I'll be naked by the time Summer comes?)

    I really like the first dress/combo – you look like such a grown-up! But a FUN grown-up. Like a fun, city-girl grown-up… I also love the navy dress… and if it's from Francesca's it's bound to be awesome. I love that place.

  2. Aww, I'm glad someone's dressing up with me too! Glad you have my back 🙂
    I seriously like all of these outfits. The Francesca dress could not be more perfect on you– the shape is beautiful. And the pictures of you in the UO dress are so great!

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