Breaking in Spring

Did you miss my Fashion Friday?  No?  ok…
I have been less consistent in posting the last two weeks because we took a trip to Georgia to visit my family.  We road-tripped from north-central Texas to north Georgia… have you ever driven on I-20 for more than a few hours?  Let me tell you, you really have to drive all 13 hours to really understand I-20.  I feel one with that highway. 
I didn’t tell you about it because I get paranoid about posting where we’re going (and that we’ll be gone) so I decided to just relax on the blog, post some stuff that’s been sitting in my drafts pile for awhile, and only blog more if I felt the inspiration.  I was sure I’d fill some of our week with blogging.
Not really.
I kept up with reading blogs, but I had so many events to go to and people to see that it pretty much fell by the wayside, and I’m ok with that.  Just letting you know.
Anyway, here’s some photo highlights of the week (I’m bad at photographing everything that I do, so this is certainly not a comprehensive recap!):
This is Bravo’s traveling house.  He’s actually really good in the car. He likes to crawl under the seat when he’s not in his house.  He barely moves until we stop somewhere and then he scrambles around desperate to see where we are
Even though he’s good in the car, this face makes me think that he doesn’t actually enjoy it…
J and I, on the other hand, like to do spontaneous photo shoots in the car.  We’re multi-taskers.
J hates the GPS (it renders him, the geographer, useless), but admits it has its perks…
Do you watch Top Chef?  If not, what do you DO?  It’s quite possibly the best show on television (when it’s on.)  Anyway, a former Top Cheffer, Richard Blaize (who fascinated us with super weird flavor combinations and that molecular gastronomy stuff) is from the ATL (don’t ever say that out loud, we’ll know you’re not from around here…) and he’s opened FLIP Burger Boutique.  Mmmm, really good burgers.  And yes, the calories in the Krispy Kreme milkshake was totally worth it.
For you non-southerners, Stone Mountain is the largest piece of granite in the world.  
Also, that’s Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and some other confederate soldier whose name escapes me…
At our wedding, most of J’s family and some friends got to visit Stone Mountain Park, which is one of the more notable landmarks around here, and J was sad that he wasn’t included.  So we went to the mountain.  Rode a Cable Car to the top of the mountain, enjoyed the views, and then walked down.
view from the top- Atlanta skyline in the distance
A little closer
Whoops, J wasn’t ready…
Forgive J, he was suffering an eye infection (another story for another post…) and it was very bright.
I’m liking the cloud shadows!
I love photos of paths…

J contributing to the gum tree…
I love trees without a lot of leaves, I’m morbid I guess, but really I love the red and blue and green.
And that’s all my good photos… sad. 
Here’s some other stuff that happened that you might find interesting.
Had lunch with Sidewalk Chalk!  Side note- JoAnn and I did not know each other that well in high school, but have reconnected through blogging and our currently similar lives…  Anyway, I told J that I was meeting JoAnn, and he didn’t say anything.  Later he asked my mom who JoAnn was, and she said “JoAnn, they went to high school together.  Oh, and she writes Sidewalk Chalk”  And J later said to me, “why didn’t you tell me you were meeting with Sidewalk Chalk?”
Saw a student company’s (the group I grew up dancing with) performance of Cinderella.
Had dinner with J and our friends, Rachel and Mark (I’ll plug their design business, logosatlanta because they are super cool people).
Met up with our friends Keri and Andrew for trivia and got second place.  Met up with them and our friends Josh and Lauren the next night for St. Patrick’s day.  There was green.  There was beer (cider for me and Andrew…).  There was green beer…
Had lunch with my ballet teacher from home. Had breakfast with my mom and another ballet teacher from home as well as a good friend.  Taught a ballet class.
Had coffee (ok, chai lattes, mine was hot, hers was cold)  Chai Am Woman.  Discussed our desires to make significant career moves/decisions.
Spoke with someone about a potential career decision (sorry, I have to vague blog about this until it becomes more solid)
Drove to Mississippi and stayed with our friend Sheri.  She gets two links for her two blogs.
Oh, and took pictures of the dogs.
This is Gary, my parent’s dog.  He loves me very much, which was a concern for Bravo.  Don’t worry we loved them both equally. 
Gary is part Chow, part Corgi.  Chorgi, if you will…
In general, Bravo and Gary ignored each other.  But they were able to agree on sitting together to wait until J dropped his chicken wing.  He didn’t, but they still hoped.


2 thoughts on “Breaking in Spring

  1. Ahh, sounds like you had a great time! I love the photos on Stone Mtn and that burger place sounds awesome…I spend way too much time watching Top Chef and Food Network shows that I really want to visit most of these places someday.

    I laughed out loud about J's reference to my blog…Jeremiah only associates my blog friends with their blog names too.
    So glad I got to see you!

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