Wedding Wednesday! Wedding Gifts

Next week I’ll be back to wedding recaps, but I wanted to devote a post this week to wedding gifts.  If this summer is filled with weddings, there’s a good chance that you’ll be attending bridal showers in the next few months.  I remember people asking me or my mom what J and I wanted as a wedding gift, and I have struggled with the “what to get”  dilemma for friends’ weddings as well, so I thought I’d throw out some things that we received. that were especially helpful
Anything on the registry
Seriously.  If it’s on there, it’s free game.  J and I did not live together prior to getting married, and we were living like college students, which made our registry incredibly long. We needed everything from new bedding, to wooden spoons, from towels to a drain stopper, from dishes to drawer liners.  I know everyone wants to get a memorable gift, but really, we’re thankful for the everyday and possibly practical items just as much as we are thankful for money gifts or something “more memorable” like a comforter. I will admit that I’m more likely to remember who bought the larger gifts (although I do remember who gave us our bath and kitchen towels, and many other things!) but I’m just as thankful to the person who bought our shower curtain rings (extremely necessary).  The whole point of giving a wedding gift is to help a new couple out, and every little bit is something that they don’t have to worry about while they’re going through the process of getting married.
All of that being said- here is a list of particularly exciting (and not necessarily expensive) items that we received.
Disposable cleaning items
One of the best gifts I got was a laundry basket filled with towels and some Purex laundry sheets– if you have not tried these things they are great, you don’t have to lug around a bottle or box of detergent and you just throw a sheet in with every load of laundry, so easy.  But this would work with any cleaning item.  Maybe a storage basket filled with dishtowels and some dish detergent and paper towels and rubber gloves.  Chances are, brides will be thankful not to have to make a trip to the store for the first round of cleaning items.  Grooms will be thankful for the shorter/cheaper grocery list.
Any type of kitchen item that saves space– a favorite of mine is the collapsible colander!
Food storage items- nothing is more useful when you’re preparing meals for two people and trying to make leftovers (and money) go as far as possible!
Towels/sheets– you need them, and new ones are pretty great
Alma mater themed things– we love our TCU glasses and horned frog doormat
Tool kit- very useful whether the couple will be moving into their first house or apartment together.
Crock Pot/Slow Cooker- this can be a pricier item, but it’s really helpful, especially if you’re dealing with a young bride who is afraid of cooking (ie- me!)
Cookbooks– this may have just been something that I loved getting, but I think a lot of brides would like a cookbook… or 3 or 4!
Ice cream scoop– everyone loves ice cream, and it’s hard to scoop with a normal spoon…
Personal items for the bride and/or groom – I registered for a hair dryer while J quickly scanned the iron gym… we got both and it was nice to get something that we could use personally.  I don’t encourage couples to put a bunch of items like this on their registry, but a couple of things like that are fun.
Money– you may help them pay their first month’s rent, or start their savings, or their first (overwhelming) grocery bill.  It will be much appreciated
Gift cards– while some people are annoyed by gift cards, I think they’re a really great item to give.  That way, couples can purchase items that they did not receive. Or they can shop at stores that they might not be able to afford.  Or they can save gift cards to use to buy Christmas gifts (been there, done that).  Feel free to give gift cards from a store they did not register at, particularly if it carries a variety of items.  For instance, we did not register at Target, but we received at least $300 worth of Target gift cards (probably more). We used the cards to buy groceries, storage items, wall art, and lots of other fun things.
Newlyweds- any other gift favorites that I missed?


3 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday! Wedding Gifts

  1. Yes a man's gift pack for the groom is good. Like the Iron Gym, a grill brush, tongs for grilling or anything like that. It is manly but still very practical

  2. i love this list! i agree that people so badly want their gift to be memorable and don't necessarily realize that every gift is appreciated when you're starting a new life, building a new home, etc.

    one of my favorite gifts was a waffle maker. and even though i don't think i've ever used it (paul has lots of times, though), the slow cooker is a gift for the win!

    and like jacob said above… paul seriously loved the “manly” stuff… he uses the grill set we got (from marti!) all the time.

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