Fashion Friday- Abridged

I apologize for not posting yesterday.  Do you forgive me?  kthanks.

This post is abridged because it’s mostly my weekend style.  During the week I was spending most of my time being a dancer person, and I don’t want to post my yoga pants plus athletic tanks so I’m abridging this post.

Last Friday I went to the AIDS Outreach Center* Benefit Concert hosted by Chi Tau Epsilon, TCU’s dance honor society.  As a former XTE member and producer of this event (two years in a row… it’s a BIG job) I wanted to go to support the artists, the cause, and also the two lovely ladies who produced the event.  I know firsthand how difficult and stressful it is and they did a wonderful job producing (and performing in!) the event.
*for more information about the AIDS Outreach Center of Greater Tarrant County, please visit
So I wanted to dress fun but artsy and put-together/sophisticated (not artsy and hippie loose “I just threw this on”- I don’t do that well).  Plus I was heading to friend’s birthday party afterward, so again, I wanted to just have fun.  My shirt is a skirt actually, which is super fun belted, I think.  The wrap is actually a scarf from Forever 21.  I LOVE teal with brown and purple (the shoes and earrings are purple)with brown so I just put it all together.  In the 3rd photo I was experimenting with tying the ends of the wrap behind my back to make it look more like a shrug… it’s fun but constricts pretty much all of your arm movement!
Shirt (actually a skirt): Papaya
Jeans/Wrap: Forever 21
Earrings: ?
Shoes: Ross
J and I went to a performance by the local classical ballet company with our friends Scott, and Bridesmaid J (you may or may not know this but Bridesmaid J was one of my bridesmaids… also she kinda sorta set me and J up.  And Scott, her husband, and J have been friends since elementary school.  Needless to say, we spend a lot of time together!)  I love this dress… but I’m seriously considering altering it to take off those weird triangle lengths on the overlay.  And I’m not sure about my tights… thinking it would have looked better barelegged, but oh well.
BTW- doesn’t Bridesmaid J look great?  I convinced her to buy those silver shoes.  Her dress is from Francesca’s, where a salesgirl (who she intelligently ignored) told her that the dress made her look “too young.”  Way to make a sale.  Well, she did make the sale but not because of her convincing pitch… whatevs.
Loose Cardigan: Express
Dress: Windsor
Tights: Target
Shoes: DSW

I wore this to church, and then realized it was raining and chilly so I changed from flats to the boots with mustard socks.  And though I am loving this belt in the photo I was hating it that day so I took it off when I changed the shoes.  I got this dress at a resale fundraiser for a campus organization.  I knew my friend was going to be selling it, and I couldn’t believe she wanted to sell it!  So I bought it!  Which version do you like better?

Dress: thrifted, Francesca’s 
Top: Old Navy
Duster: ???
Belt: thrifted, Chico’s
Flats: Rocketdog via Macy’s
Boots: Michael Shannon
Socks: Target
And now… a special tribute to some shoes appearing in this post.  I try to only buy shoes that I LOVE!  Also, I don’t wear heels a lot, but when I do I want them to be fabulous…  Anyway, I LOVE these fabulous heels… and both were bought at low prices.
I bought these my freshman year of college at DSW in the clearance aisle! Isn’t the beading amazing?  I don’t wear them that often because they are a bit tricky to walk in, but they’re great for special occasions, or dressing up a simple outfit.
For some reason I’ve been wanting to purple shoes.  So a few weeks ago I went to Ross and squealed when I saw these!  A perfect all season shoe in my favorite of shade of purple!  They are quite tall but in the best way possible.  They are just beautiful.  I want to display them on my wall, but then I couldn’t wear them.  I’m also not sure what J would think.  Oh and they were $9.99… yeah, be jealous!

So I’m curious, do you like this abridged version?  Just a few outfit photos?  I know I tend to add a lot of text, so maybe this is just enough to swim through??  What do you think?


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