Wedding Wednesday! A Theatrical Proposal

I decided to take a break from wedding recaps for two reasons: 
1) I have no more… if you have e-mailed me about having your wedding recapped and you’re still interested… you know what to do.  You know who you are 🙂  Oh, and if you want me to recap your wedding but you haven’t e-mailed me, please do so!
2) It’s high time I cover one of my friends’ rather impressive proposals…

I met Angela while dancing at TCU.  Soon she became my across the hall neighbor, and Ang, Hollis, and I   had a lot of fun together being goofy and causing trouble.  Angela now lives in Boise, where she is a Pilates instructor and dances with Ballet Idaho.  I recently met her fiance’, Grant, when they came down for a visit to Texas.  

Me, Hollis, Ang in college… so cool
Me, Hollis, and Ang a couple months ago.  Still cool.
Fiance Grant and Ang visiting Texas/TCU

Angela wanted me to edit her account of the story, but she’s such a dang good writer that I  just copied and pasted her words.  Ok, I changed some punctuation.  And a couple words.  And if you see something in italics, it’s me, being silly and sarcastic.  Just being honest.  Here’s how Grant did it, in Angela’s words…

I love reliving the proposal – I don’t think it’s every going to get old thinking about that day.  When it happened I remember thinking, “Wow, I doubt I will ever forget one detail of this moment.” But somehow, time passes, and even 3 months later, certain details elude me, and I wish I could recapture the true magnitude of him getting down on one knee.  

It all started December 11, 2009.  As a professional ballet dancer with Ballet Idaho, each Christmas season means performing The Nutcracker.  I love the holidays, and growing up I associated Christmastime with baking yummy food, shopping for gifts, decorating the tree, AND Tchaichovsy’s Sugar Plum Fairy music dancing in my head.  This past year, I was cast as Dewdrop which is a lead role in the Waltz of the Flowers.  I was thrilled, because the Waltz is my favorite music in Nutcracker, and Dewdrop was the first lead role I ever danced in my little Dolly Dinkle Dance School. It was the first time I ever wore a tutu, the first time I ever wore a big crown.  It seems silly, but these were the things as a 3-year-old starting dance that I dreamed of…  So the role held special memories, and this time getting to perform as a professional in front of 2000 plus people was exciting!
Opening night of the show, I kinda felt something was up, but I was very focused on performing. Grant’s parents had come into town and this was their first time seeing me dance.  I mean, I had to make sure I didn’t fall on my butt!  Everything went great, though, and the performance went without a hitch.  As I stood onstage during the curtain call, I remember thinking how happy I was:  Happy to dance, happy to perform well, happy that I had a great guy in the audience who loves and supports me, and happy that his parents could come and watch the show.  But right about then,  I got a whole lot happier….
After our curtain call the artistic director, Peter Anastos, came onstage with a microphone.  He started talking about the wonderful and talented dancers in the company (meanwhile all the dancers onstage were mumbling under their breaths to stop talking and get offstage), but then he said “But there’s one dancer I would like to mention, Angela, would you come forward?”.  
Confused, but starting to think, “Wow, is this is it?!” I made my way to the front of the stage.  Peter then said, “There’s someone here who wants to ask you a question”.  With that, the audience went WILD, erupting into applause and gasps as they (and I) finally realize what was happening.  As I looked to my right, Grant appeared in the downstage wing.  I burst into tears of excitement and shock as he walked toward me and bent down on one knee in front of 2000 people in the Morrison Center.  I couldn’t even hear him ask the question over the cheers (and tears) of the audience.  I guess I assumed right though 🙂  He slipped a ring onto my finger which I didn’t even think to look at for a good fifteen minutes or so after it all happened, and the curtain closed.

Ok, let’s take a second to see this unfold in photos…
dancer-readers, notice that she’s standing turned out…
I think she knows…
There he goes…
He’s on one knee… she’s still turned out, hands over mouth
Ang, you have GOT to stop doing that!
Ok, she said she didn’t notice the ring at first, but it sure looks like she did here… And Ang, you’re in a perfect B+
What a show!  Following the proposal Grant had one more surprise for me.  As we walked out to the lobby, around thirty of our friends and family stood cheering.  My sister had flown in from California and my parents and two of my closest friends had flown in from Oregon. Others had driven to town from various parts of Idaho.  I was touched that so many people I loved were a part of such a  special moment.

Ok, yay, an onstage proposal, pretty good, whatever, Grant.  But I know what everyone’s thinking.  What about the ring? 

Grant picked out the ring!  He designed it, in fact.  As we started discussing the prospect of getting married more seriously, I began to get worried that he hadn’t even ASKED what kind of ring I wanted.  Any time we talked about rings he would divert the conversation and at one point I was like “Grant, if you get me a yellow gold Marquis cut diamond, it’s your fault if I’m disappointed!”  As it turned out, he acquired a picture several months earlier of a ring I showed a friend and took it to the custom diamond shop to design something similar.  I love it!
It’s white gold with a main center diamond that is set into the band to make the ring low profile.  Beside the main diamond are tiny diamonds on either side that rest in the band.

Ok, we get it, perfect proposal, perfect ring… but did Ang see all this coming?

I had little clues here and there that kinda tipped me off that something was up 🙂  I definitely knew it would be sometime around December or January since we discussed having a summer wedding.  As far as the onstage proposal, I had concocted this elaborate situation in my head of how he “could” propose (haven’t we all?) which was actually kind of similar to how it happened.  However, I didn’t really even let myself entertain those thoughts because I didn’t want to be disappointed if he proposed…say….in the front seat of my Ford Focus on the way home from Wendy’s or something:)  I was far from disappointed, though!  I could not have imagined anything more perfect or romantic.

And, if you’re interested, you can also read about their proposal here!

Isn’t their Save the Date beautiful?

Save the Date photo by Shawn Raeke

Got a great proposal story?  I’m going to start featuring proposal stories on Wedding Wednesday periodically, so send me your story!

Oh, and Happy Birthday Grant!  You did good!

4 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday! A Theatrical Proposal

  1. OH KJ you make me laugh! Thanks for the spread…I love it 😉

    I couldn't help but notice the black smudge on my knuckle in the picture of my ring… definitely smeared mascara from my tears… 🙂

  2. This was a great proposal story, and it's making me a little weepy. It kinda reminds me of the “Walk the Line” proposal where he does it onstage. Either, way congrats to the two of them! 🙂

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