EPIC… Fail.

Lately I’ve had some great things happen in the kitchen, but I’ve also had some terrible things happen.  Apparently I like to share my failures in a public setting, so here ya go.

For “appetizer night” with our Bible Study I made Pioneer Woman’s jalapeno poppers and apple dumplings.  EPIC…

Because I’m so slow, making 40 poppers and 2 batches of dumplings, this took me approximately four hours.  Fail.

I found a new use for our grapefruit spoons (since we don’t eat grapefruit) and was very proud of myself when I began using it to remove the jalapeno seeds and membranes to make the poppers.  EPIC…

I guess I finished cooking the poppers too early.  So when we started eating they were room temperature, which is fine with me.  Suddenly I hear the microwave running.  a few minutes later it’s running again.  Then I notice that each husband in our small group has left the room, usually coinciding with the microwave sounds.  They were microwaving my cold poppers!  Fail.

I decided to make Pioneer Woman’s cheese grits (you can find the recipe in her cookbook).  EPIC…

Jacob convinced me to turn up the heat on the water so it would boil faster… only problem was, when I added the grits, it was so hot and boiling so fast that they overflowed, getting grits underneath my burner. Fail.

There were enough grits to fill up 2 8X11 baking dishes.  Leftovers!  EPIC…

I spooned out some leftover grits from the dish that was leftover.  Great breakfast, except I had to stop halfway through.  The recipe called for garlic in the grits, but I guess I didn’t mix it in enough, because all I tasted was garlic in this dish (the original dish was fine).  3 bites in and I threw out my grits.  J agreed.  Fail.

I decided to make a frittata the night that I made the grits.  J, Scott, and I loved the combination.

I burned my hand while making said frittata, and sat miserably with one hand in cold water, trying to eat my grits and frittata with my left hand.  Fail.

I decided to make my favorite pork crock pot dish- golden pork with apples (let me know if you want the recipe!).  We love it (tastes a lot better than it photographs) and it’s so easy! EPIC…

When we were dishing it out I hear J say “uh oh” and I see this:

Label on the apple.  Label on the cooked apple.  Label on the cooked apple covered in cinnamon, sugar, golden mushroom soup, brown sugar, and soy sauce.  Fail.

Have you had any EPIC… Fails. lately?


3 thoughts on “EPIC… Fail.

  1. Ha ha! Great blog! Yes, I have my own epics and fails from time to time. Like my baked tortilla chips for the Super Bowl party…those did not go over well AT ALL. People just didn't appreciate my longing to provide them with unique, homemade treats. (I ate some and they were THAT bad…) The worst fail I have had in recent months was when I tried to substitute Splenda for sugar in a pumpkin bread recipe. My dad was being so sweet and ate a couple of pieces, it was terrible…

    Even the top professionals fail from time to time. The best thing to do is to keep going back and trying again! : )

  2. wow, i think i've had too many to count. one time i made brownies and forgot the egg. so i basically got warm not-as-good brownie mix. another time, i made green bean casserole and forgot, guess what?, the egg! that is probably my most common kitchen problem… i just don't think about them when i'm getting my stuff ready. or i'll be halfway through the recipe and realize i don't have THE ingredient. sigh… the kitchen is not my home. good thing i have lots of time to master it, right?

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