Fashion Friday- Old and New

I haven’t kept track of how many of my outfits are completely new combinations that I’ve never tried.  I actually struggle with that.  Most style/fashion blogs that I read, the bloggers never repeat a combination… or perhaps they do but they don’t photograph it.  And I know I haven’t repeated a combination (at least not in its exact form) since I’ve started Fashion Fridays, but I have fallen in love with some combinations… and I can’t wait to wear them again!  Maybe I won’t post them, but I can’t imagine wearing something, falling in love with it, and never wearing it again!  Thoughts?
All of these outfits have something old and something new… all the combinations are new, some of the items were bought last month, some last week, some of the items I’ve had since last year, and some since the beginning of college, one since my sophomore year in high school.  Some of the new items are very new, while some I recently bought at consignment sales so they are new to me, but old…
Me?  I’m old and new at once… it’s quite amazing.
Shopping outfit!  I love a cardigan as a waistcoat.  Makes me think I have a good collection of waistcoats… I don’t have any.  The cardigan is boyfriend-ish (loose in the waist, but not long like most bf cardis) and the tank underneath has an empire waist, so this distressed, denim, white and blue pinstriped blazer brought some structure, and a waistline.  I should have photographed the detail at the top of the tank- it’s a knit lace-ish detail at the top that’s really fun.
Tank/Jeans: Forever 21 (c. 2008)
Cardigan: Old Navy (Jan. 2010)
Blazer: Hotkiss via Windsor (c. 2004)
Flats: Rocketdog via Macys (Feb. 2010)
Earrings: Most likely Charlotte Russe (and I have no idea)
When I went shopping I hit up  dress sale by TCU organization.  They were selling their dresses for way cheap as a fundraiser and I ended up buying 2 dresses, that both belonged to a friend of mine!  This purple sweater dress was one of them.  Then I went to a local consignment shop that was having a sale, so I bought these gray flats and this gold necklace (trying to add to my gold jewelry collection, and I love the vintage feel).  I liked the gray duster better in person than it photographed… I went on a duster kick when I was in high school, and this was my favorite find at the time.  I think this look goes out of style one year and then comes back in the next, so I doubt I’ll ever get rid of it.
Sweater Dress: thrifted, Emmeline 
Duster: no idea (circa 2002)
Belt: Rampage via Ross (feb 2010)
Tights: Target (Dec. 2009)
Flats: thrifted, Gap
Necklace: thrifted
Can you tell I was feeling wacky?  Just wanting to have fun with clothes like I did when I was 5 and I had a bright pink, lime green, yellow, and purple ruffle skirt that I wore with a cat t-shirt.  I LOVED that outfit.  And I love this one too.  Perfect for a fun night out for dinner with friends.  I don’t know if it is, but it feels mod, but maybe that’s just because this a Beatles shirt, and they’re very mod, no?  Ever since I bought this t-shirt (which is very sheer) I’ve wanted to layer it over this navy dress.  The dress is great on it’s own, but I love how it gets a mini treatment with layers.  I mainly layered the red shirt underneath for warmth, and I’d like to do this again without it.  It’s a little too crazy, but fun.  Oh, did I mention that necklace is a magnifying glass?
Dress: Francesca’s (circa 2007 I think…?)
Red Top: ?? originally pajamas (sometime between 2004 and 2008)
Belt: stolen from my mother… hope you’re not missing it mom!
T-shirt, gray tights: Target (Jan. 2010)
Gray flats: thrifted, Gap
Necklace: thrifted
I always have trouble finding an outfit for church, but you can never go wrong with charcoal and black.

Turtleneck: Levi Store (c. 2006?)
Black dress, worn as skirt: Target (2008)
Gray Tights: Target (Jan. 2010)
Boots: Blowfish via DSW (Dec. 2009)  
I wore this for meetings, errands, and then teaching, and then Bible Study with friends.  The great thing about it was the layering for the weird Texas weather, but I could also slip on some yoga pants instead of the jeans to teach ballet (1st, 3rd and 4th graders!) putting on one or 2 cardigans depending on the temperature.  I had no brain cells when figuring out what to wear, so I went with neutrals, ans a colorful scarf (I’m a European loop gal almost always!) with a patterned top to make things more interesting.
Tank, Black Cardigan: Express (Dec. 2008)
Jeans, Cardicoat: Old Navy (2009)
Flats: thrifted, Gap
Scarf: Forever 21 (Feb. 2010)
Glasses: Target (Jan. 2010)

So where do you stand on outfit combinations?  Me- I love re-watching movies, re-reading books, and ordering the same thing at my favorite restaurant, so I’m gonna be repeating some of my favorite combos.     But what about you?


One thought on “Fashion Friday- Old and New

  1. I absolutely love the red shirt beneath the Beatles t-shirt with the red belt and the “mini skirt”! It is so cute, fun and original. I will have to try something like it sometime! I also really like the orange and green combo with the pinstripe blazer over the top. You have a gift for mixing colors together that do not seem to go together and ending up with a killer outfit.

    I am all for re-posting any outfit combos you love…I have only recently begun reading your blog so I'm sure I've missed some things.

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