Why God likes Art- and why you should too

As I start writing about this, I feel like I could go on and on about this, OR I could also write 3 sentences… I don’t know.  I’ll try to keep it short.

 About a month ago, the director of worship at our church gave a great message on art in the church, and why it’s necessary, not a luxury. The basic gist of it, is that God is creative.  He created the world.*  And even though we could have a very simple world to sustain us, that’s not He gave us.  He gave us the Grand Canyon, the Nile River, colorful sunsets and skies, the Great Barrier Reef, and a million shades of colors.  He made us, with a million different personalities and talents and abilities.  We don’t need all that to live, but God created it anyway – for us, for Him, for His pleasure, for our pleasure.  God values creative expression.

People may not consider themselves “artsy” or “creative”- but everyone creates.  You create when you write, make an outfit, formulate a fantasy football team, program a computer, raise children.  And just the act of creating, I believe, brings glory to God… because we are reflecting the creator aspect of His identity.

So to question the importance of art, of creativity, is to question who God is and what He values.

I don’t think everyone is meant to be an artist or even to have a great love of art, however, the arts (and therefor artists/creative types) are necessary as a part of the whole.

*I know that some of you who are reading may not share my beliefs… whether that’s a questioning of whether God exists, or whether God created the world… whatever it is, please know that I am open to a dialogue and I hope you continue to read.


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