Wedding Wednesday! Sarah and Scott

I danced with Sarah in middle and high school at my “home” studio in Georgia.  She is a beautiful dancer, a lovely person, and the oldest of a tight-knit group of dancing sisters. By a stroke of luck she and I (and her sisters!) spent a few days together in NY the summer of 2008 and I remember discussing our boyfriends (soon-to-be fiancés, and current husbands), and how it was kind of crazy how we both got serious so quickly (or something like that… I don’t know, she might correct me on that one!) To our surprise (well, actually, not really) we both got married within a couple of weeks of each other just a year later.  Here is Sarah and Scott’s story.
Sarah and Scott married on July 18, 2009 at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia.  About 230 people attended their ceremony held at the school’s War Memorial Chapel.  Sarah’s motto was “simple but elegant” (a girl after my own heart) but she also added a “touch of vintage” to the wedding style. 
As her “something new,” Sarah wore a lace strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline and adorned with pearls.  “Technically it was mermaid silhouette, very form fitting. My mom liked to tell people that my dress reminded her of a 1950’s Barbie evening gown. My veil was fingertip length and very simple.” She wore her mother’s wedding shoes as her “something old.” She also wore a pearl bracelet, and her mother’s pearl and diamond earrings for “something borrowed.”  “My mom got me a handkerchief with my initials embroidered in blue, (something blue)!”
Sarah and Scott chose a Maid of Honor, a Best Man, and 4 bridesmaids and groomsmen each for their wedding party.  The Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor wore long, chiffon strapless dresses in a dusty rose with a champagne sash.  The guys wore black tuxes with Windsor ties and vests in champagne.
“Since Scott played football at Virginia Tech, he and his groomsmen got ready in the football locker room. Scott pretty much recreated how everything is set up for the football team on game day.  They also took pictures in the stadium! Pretty darn cute!”
The girls carried bouquets of white hydrangeas, light pink tea roses, white and pink roses, rice flower, and green berries.  “There were other flowers in the large arrangements but I don’t remember those.”
A note to future brides: almost all of the brides I’ve talked to have forgotten at least some part of their floral arrangements, they just remember what they look like… so don’t get more caught up on the kinds of flowers (unless you truly are a flower connoisseur), because you’re likely to forget a few months later.  Just focus on the look and color of your bouquet and other arrangements.
The couple’s wedding ceremony featured three different musicians: “My aunt played the piano before the ceremony, and I don’t even know what she played! I totally trusted her! A cellist played mostly the Bach cello suites for the processional, recessional, etc. One of Scott’s friends played and sang Before the Throne while we took communion.”
After the ceremony, guests attended a reception in Owen’s Hall (another Virginia Tech location) for a buffet dinner and dancing!  Sarah’s not sure what food they ate! “Ummm, is it bad I don’t remember?! There was a salad, some kind chicken, I think, and a carving station with honey glazed ham. Vegetables of some sort!  I didn’t get to eat much of it anyway!”
Food is the other area that brides tend to forget about after the wedding.  So just make sure it’s good, because you and your guests will remember more about whether or not the food tasted great, not exactly what  it was!
But Sarah did not forget about the reception itself.  The highlight of the wedding for her was, “all of the dancing!”
When I asked if she would change anything about the day Sarah admitted, “Maybe the wedding cake design but the cake itself tasted amazing!!!”
Like many brides, choosing a location is the most challenging thing during the planning process. “Scott is from Virginia and so is ALL of his family. I’m from Georgia, but my immediate family lives in Virginia now, but I still think of Georgia as home. It was very difficult, but we made the right decision to have it in Virginia. I can’t imagine planning long distance!”
You may have noticed that Sarah was a fairly low-maintenance bride. I love that she looked at her wedding as a party celebrating her relationship with Scott rather than obsessing about every detail and letting it stress her out.  In fact, that’s exactly the advice she gives to other brides: “It’s one day. Don’t take it too seriously.”
Not something you hear from every bride, but definitely true.
All photos by Dennis King.
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