Fashion Friday- Texas, please pick a temperature

The weather is being so weird, which means that I get an idea of what I’m going to wear only to realize that it is 20 degrees warmer or cooler than I thought and then I have to get creative…

I almost tweeted “I need to leave the apartment before I lose my nerve and change clothes.”  But then I remembered that my mom gets my tweets to her phone, and I didn’t want her to worry or call me and demand to know what I was wearing.  She doesn’t do that, but wearing loud tights makes me paranoid.
But then, as I was walking into the gas station, an attendant greeted me and said “Miss, I LOVE your pink tights.” So maybe it wasn’t so crazy?  I’ve been looking for ways to wear these tights, and I’m a little at a loss for 2 reasons: they are footless so I pretty much have to wear them with boots (or could I pair them with socks?  really looking for some input) and also they are a weird color… I’m just having trouble pairing them to my liking, because I have more traditional pinks and purples in my wardrobe, and everything looks just enough “off” to make it seem like I’m trying to match (but I just didn’t), rather than an attempt to work with shading or complementary colors.  Even this scarf… they are so not the same color, but it’s close enough that when they are that far away from each other, it works (I think).  The tights are so fun, though, I really wish I had something else to wear it with- thoughts?
Sweater/dress: gift from Mom
Scarf: gift from J, Macy’s
Belt: Rampage, via Ross
Tights: Target
PS- I originally bought these tights to go with this costume, to increase warmth when I was doing an outdoor show at 9:30 pm nightly in DECEMBER:

Please don’t call the fashion police on me.  Oh how I suffer for my art…

I wore this to go to a lingerie shower last weekend!  Does anyone else remember learning about complementary colors in elem. school art class?  This is how I remember the pairings: purple and yellow = easter, red and green = christmas, and blue and orange = Hardee’s!  So this is a blue and brown, and orangey browns and corals.  I didn’t put on the scarf right away.  Do you like it with or without the scarf?  (Oh, I have a really funny story about this dress, but it’s a story for another post!)

Dress: dept. store find, circa 2007
sweater: Maurices
Tights: Target
Shoes: DSW
Earrings: Old Navy
Scarf: Gift from my brother, Target

I wore this to church, mostly because I wanted to wear these shoes.  I’ve been wanting booties, but I just can’t find anything that I like on my foot (for some reason my foot always seems really big, and maybe I need to get over that) but these are just great, and they’ll work in al seasons I think.  I want to pair them with tights, but I can’t find a color combo that I like… maybe I just need to get some camel-colored tights to match and create a long line.

Dress (worn as skirt): Windsor
Denim Shirt, Earrings: Who knows?
Scarf, Shoes: Forever 21

Sunday lounging and walking the dog.  It was warm… but don’t worry, it goes back to cold in a second…

Shirt, sunglasses: Target
Cardigan, tank: Express
Jeans: Old Navy
Flats: Rocketdog via DSW

You may have guessed that whenever it gets cold I just try to wear this sweater… it’s so warm!  I like that this outfit goes from outdoor to indoor (we Texans like to turn up the heat really high when it gets below 50) and still looks seasonal and chic… well I think it looks chic, you might feel differently.  Oh, and I got my haircut!  YAY!
Cardicoat: Old Navy
Sweater: Express
Jeans: Forever 21

Boots: Blowfish via DSW
Belt: Rampage via Ross

Grapes and Olives are grown in Greece (right?  Am I making this up?) so they must go together.  Not in love with this outfit, but it gets the job done.
Sweater, Tank: Express
Jeans, cropped jacket: Forever 21

Boots: Blowfish via DSW

It seems like every blogger is either wishing it would get warmer since they are tired of the winter wardrobe, or dreading when the cold leaves, because they love their winter wardrobe.  I’m not really picky, I just wish I wasn’t going back and forth all the time… ah, the grass is always greener I guess!


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