Fashion Friday- a variety of dress codes

I told you about how it snowed last week.  Well, I took advantage of it to get some outdoor shots that I probably won’t get again for at least another year!

That’s me kicking the snow.  I look like a muppet in the last photo!  This was my outfit to sit in the theater all day.  I wanted to feel creative but professional.  To me, there is nothing more professional than a blazer, and I’m falling back in love with this one.  The creativity comes in the color combo… grape and mustard, not a good flavor combination but a color combo I’ve been wanting to try for awhile (after seeing so many bloggers have their try at it, anyone else noticing the mustard and purple trend that’s been around for awhile?).  This outfit was super comfortable, perfect for the theater, and also a great transition into my evening outfit- I just had to bring two extra items to change for the performance that night!

Blazer, Jeans: Forever 21
Sweater, tank (layered under sweater): Express
Socks, Glasses, tights (under jeans, for warmth): Merona, via Target
Boots: Blowfish via DSW
The one great thing about the snow (besides observing a very confused Bravo) was the opportunity it gave me to wear this coat.  It’s a vintage cashmere coat with  real fur.  I would never buy fur, but this is an heirloom (seriously, whatever animal originally wore this fur died long before I was even thought of– PETA please don’t be mad), given to me by J’s family.  It was his paternal grandmother’s (who passed away when J was very young) and when Js mom saw me eyeing it she sent it home with me.  She lives on the coast, so the weather to wear cashmere and fur is nonexistent.  Not that I get to wear it often, but this snow and sudden freezing temperatures finally let me break it out of the closet.  I love this coat so much: It’s my only vintage piece and it has great sentiment,  but it’s such a statement piece… such a WINTER statement piece.  Should I be wearing it more? Or should I be moving north so that I can wear it more?  I’m really looking for suggestions here.
I wore this to the performance that night.  Sorry for the lack of showing the bottom of the outfit- it’s patterned tights and boots (the same from the first outfit).  I’m sure you remember this dress from girl’s night.  I’ve been wanting to wear it as a top, so I added a black swing skirt and belt, and the blazer for warmth.  The “straps” are actually the sash that was meant to be tied at the back of the waist, but I love a good halter so I just tied it at the back of my neck instead!  I love that this seems really conservative, except for the leopard print.  I feel so daring when I’m wearing animal print.

Blazer: Forever 21
Dress: Windsor
Skirt: gifted from J’s mom
Belt: Ross ($4.99!)
Tights: Target
Boots: Blowfish, via DSW
This outfit was for our pre-Valentine’s Date.  I’ve been writing a wishlist of clothing items so that I can shop more effectively.  On that list was “something mustard.” So when I saw those socks from the first outfit on sale at Target and then this top at Ross ($6.99 people!) I was thrilled!  I can’t wait to wear it again in warmer weather so you can see the adorable flutter sleeves and the detailed back.  But it was cold so I threw on this brown duster sweater over it.  I added the purple earrings to try for the purple and yellow color scheme again, and I added these patterned knee-highs because I just like knee-highs peeking out of boots.

Shirt: Ross
Duster: ???
Boots, Socks: Target
Jeans: Forever 21
Earrings: ???
Necklace: made by my friend Karen!
I wanted to wear red to church on Valentine’s Day, and this is how I did it.  Sidenote, I realize this is not a true primary or “Christmas red” But it is still red.  My family has been telling me for YEARS (since high school… maybe this sweater needs to be replaced now that I’m realizing how long I’ve had it!) that it is not red, it is burgundy, to which I always reply “no, to be burgundy it would need more brown, this is deep red, crimson, scarlet.”  We never tire of this argument.  I also never tire of this tweed-ish, mermaid-ish skirt.  I don’t wear it very often, but it’s just so great.  I will always remember that one time I was wearing it when I thought J was going to propose.  But he didn’t.  But that is a story for another post (If I had a post for everytime I said that… wow, lots of posts).  And once again this new belt saved me from a shrunken sweater.  Oh belts, I’m learning to love you in spite of my belt awkward body (another story for another post… note to self, start writing these posts!)

Sweater: I told you, it’s from high school, so probably Charlotte Russe or something…
Skirt: Rampage, via Plato’s Closet
Boots: Michael Shannon
Belt: Ross
This was an in-studio, choreographer, watching and conducting rehearsals look.  I don’t normally show these looks, because my stylings of my athletic wardrobe are not enviable since comfort and mobility are more important than style in these situations, but I actually tried on this one so I thought I’d photograph it. I like teal and purple together, and these gray sweatpants (though the wide leg is not getting much love at the moment) make me feel so comfortable, but somehow stylish.  And these sneakers are my most favorite ever, when they fall apart I better be able to find another pair exactly like them!  Oh, and don’t worry everyone, I’ve got a hair appointment next Tuesday!  No more crazy bangs!

Shirt: Target ($4 on clearance!)
Jacket: Gap
Sweat pants: ???
Shoes: Skechers
Scarf:  Valentine’s gift from J, Macy’s

My extended thoughts on this week’s stylings?  The looks for this week reflect my life right now… appropriate since I think that’s what clothes should do.  Certain color palettes reflect different seasons, the times of day. Fabric weights are designed for a particular season.  Some silhouettes scream casual while others assert themselves for the evening.  If you know me, or have been following my blog you know I’m a mess of contradictions (aren’t we all?).  I’m detail-oriented, but you wouldn’t guess it from my the organization of the apartment (or our closet).  I have an artistic side, but it’s often quelled by my general reason and logic that I cling to in all situations.  I’m practical, and yet I still rehearse my future interviews with Matt Lauer (it used to be Katie Couric, but she broke my heart when she left Today… I know that was years ago, but I can mourn as long as I’d like).  Just like my personality and habits, I feel like my life is a big blob of lots of things, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I go from being a driven wife to a laidback husband, to a creative dancer-type whose ideas are scattered and doesn’t mind being the center of attention, to a borderline conservative (and I speak of more than politics here) who desires to dress with sophistication and taste, to a freelancing work at homer whose just trying to get the job done and cook occasionally, maybe while doing some laundry.

I guess what I’m saying is I know all these looks seem vastly different.  They don’t all fit together.  I’m not working from one style.  I’m definitely still developing my personal style, although I have no idea how long that takes, but even beyond personal style, the real reason you see such disparity reflects the range of events (or non-events) I attended and the (figurative) hats I wore. 

As I’ve said before– figuratively I wear many hats, literally, not so much.  

4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday- a variety of dress codes

  1. I love how you're wearing all the many “hats” in these outfits! You transition from setting to setting really well. The first outfit is so fun with the purple/mustard combo. Definitely a favorite.

  2. That coat is SO beautiful, and that it is a family heirloom makes it priceless. I say wear it every chance you get. I wear coats on a daily basis here in Atlanta, and I don't think our temperatures are that much different. After all, Bravo wears his fur coat every day…you should too!

  3. Loved your comment on Athenista yesterday, haha! … I can definitely tell you've been on academichic! I really enjoyed those posts, too. Didn't really think about myself using style or fashion as resistance or to give a middle finger to the man but… maybe? Maybe not. I don't know.

    But I do know that in the fashion vs. style post I came to think of your post here and your different “styles” for your different settings… really, I think it's still your same *style* just a different version or level of it?? Hmm… you can definitely put this into words better than I.

  4. A few thoughts:
    1)I LOVE your vintage coat — what a wonderful family heirloom. You should wear it as much as you can during the winter season!
    2)You're right — that shirt is more crimson than burgundy.
    3) You're rocking that mustard top. It looks so good with your skin tone!
    3) Love your long skirt too!

    – JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

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