Weekend Update- Valentine’s Edition, etc.

My weekend started on Thursday, because this is what happened. 
 If you follow weather, or any north Texan bloggers, you’ve already seen this, but it’s worth showing again.

Forgive my fashion.  I was cold, that was priority.

Anyway this gave me (and J, the teacher) a snow day for Thursday and Friday.  So we just relaxed on Thursday, caught up on a few things, and enjoyed the day (which also happened to be our 7 month wedding anniversary!  Good timing snow).  And then on Friday, I went into the theater for Texas Dance Theatre’s tech and dress rehearsals and their performance that night (which I’ll post about on Thursday).

The snow didn’t start melting until Saturday!  Even today, if a snowman was made in the shade, it’s still standing!
Saturday I was at TCU for a few hours, observing rehearsals. And then J and I went to see Valentine’s Day.  It’s good… I was worried that it would go into He’s Just Not That Into You territory (which I semi-hated, but that’s a story for another post) but it totally didn’t.  Anyway, it was a wonderful part one of our Valentine’s Day Celebration.
On Valentine’s Day we spent the evening at home together, and J made this wonderful meal.

That’s lobster tails and champagne… for real?  yes for real.  Amazing.  We also exchanged gifts, J got me a beautiful scarf that I promise you’ll see soon in a Fashion Friday, and I got J a Kramer t-shirt (I need to style it for him… it could look great, and kind of ironic, but it could also embarass me.)

And now I leave you with Bravo’s snow experience.  Let’s put on our chihuahua Mexican accents!

Oh no.  What’s this?
People, you’re mean.  You have shoes.  I don’t.  why are you putting me in this snow?
Ok fine, if you’re going to take a photo, then I will give you my best side, and I will smile with my eyes. 
I love Tyra.

Did you play in the snow?  How was your Valentine’s Day?


5 thoughts on “Weekend Update- Valentine’s Edition, etc.

  1. Please tell me that Bravo pounced around, desperately licking up snow like his little bud, Brody! Also, they should have a playdate again soon. Glad to see you enjoyed your snow days!

  2. Hi Krista & J,

    What a wonderful way to celebrate snow days and Valentine's Day.
    Very cool that J is an up and coming chef! Very appropriately, fell on your anniversary. Did you ever get snow in GA? Probably a time or two, would be my guess. I love snow photos, as we do not get to experience that much!

    Nancy C

  3. Snow would be so wonderful if it just didn't have to be so darn cold at the same time!

    I am very impressed with your husband's culinary skills. That must be so nice to have a husband that cooks for you while you lounge close by drinking champagne. So, who does the dishes when he cooks?

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