Fashion Friday- I need some new sweaters. Not really. But kind of.

It got cold again.  So now I’m pulling out my sweaters.  I only have so many sweaters.  And I only have so many colors of sweaters, as you shall see in this post.

But then again it’s Texas, so I shouldn’t need all that many sweaters (especially now that I’m better at  layering…)

But then again, it’s snowing.

Let me remind you this is Fort Worth, Texas.  Anyway, it was a snow day yesterday and today.  
So yesterday I tried to style it up (brown and yellow, anyone?) but it wasn’t top priority since the majority of the day was spent making choreography and modern dance lesson plans in my living room.  Sweatpants were key, but are not ready to be shown online!

But let’s back up to last weekend’s coffee date (actually, a chai date for me) with husband.

I’ve had this dress for about a year, but I don’t wear it very often.  If I was working in an office setting it would be the perfect work dress, it moves and is super comfy, but it is also conservative and professional -looking.  It’s not very warm, thus the purple sweater over top.  I’m going to have to start wearing this dress as a skirt, especially since the top half looks great peeking out from under a top (when I wear the dress alone I feel like it’s too much brown up near my face… weird, I know).  And I have a new love for brown tights. Their warmer, less stark than black, and I love them with these shoes, which I also don’t wear very much, but I totally should (note to self: buy some brown shoe polish).

I’m surprised I’ve embraced the tights trend since I’ve spent the majority of my life in tights (in the studio) so I usually shy away from trends that remind me of dancewear… it’s kind of like how you don’t want to spend your life in your workout clothes?  This is also why I’ve shied away from leggings until now.  But I guess I’ve spent my whole life working to look good in tights, so I should take advantage of that work.

Sweater: Express
Dress: Target
Tights: target ($3.50!)
Shoes: sooo old…
Earrings: Gifted

Here’s where you see my sweater dilemma.  I love teal, but somehow I’ve acquired two (very warm) teal and gray striped sweaters and I wore them two days in a row.  With this gray cardicoat, which is also incredibly warm.  Luckily I saw different people those days.  But yeah, I need to watch out for this.  Both of these days I was teaching and attending (read: observing) rehearsals during part of the days, and working from home and braving the cold to run errands, so comfort was key.

Sweater on Left: Old Navy
Cardicoat: Old Navy
Sweater on Right: Express
Skinny Jeans: Forever 21
Boots: Blowfish via DSW

The same day I wore the teal sweater, I realized that I was wearing practically the same outfit as the day before, and I wanted to experiment with something… I like seeing the bottom of this sweater act like a mini.  I would never wear it without pants or leggings, but with a thin bottom, it has a really cool effect, but I wanted break up the top.  Enter Old Navy t-shirt.  Is this kind of crazy?  I think it is… maybe it would have been more cohesive with sneakers, flats, or like a converse?  I kind of felt like Punky Brewster.

I. Love. This. Outfit.  It was a happy accident.  I wanted to show more love to the brown tights, and it was cold again so I had limited sweater choices, again. But I haven’t worn this pink boatneck all winter… it’s not quite long enough sit comfortably on my hips, so I layered this belt on it to make up for its shrunkenness… I LOVE that, now I don’t have to throw this sweater away (I really will wear it more now that I have a way to make up for its size issues) and I love the high waist (a trend I’ve been wanting to try, but haven’t known how) that it gives the skirt.  This skirt is another great find at the back of my closet, that I’m eager to wear more.  I added the pink sweater for warmth and to add a new dimension of color.

I wore this with the pink outfit to stay warm while I went shopping.  I think it works together rather nicely!  The beret makes me feel like Mary Tyler Moore.  The glasses make me feel like Gossip Girl.

Light Pink Sweater: Charlotte Russe?
Pink Cardigan: Old Navy
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Tights, Beret, Sunglasses: Target
Boots: Michael Shannon
Belt: Rampage ($3.99 at Ross!!!)
Scarf: Gifted from Grandma, Coldwater Creek

Hopefully next week I’ll have some art enthusiast style to show you since I’ll be attending the ballet tonight… as long as we’re not snowed in!  Say a prayer for us!

5 thoughts on “Fashion Friday- I need some new sweaters. Not really. But kind of.

  1. i have that brown dress too and have a hard time styling it because of its conservative-ness but this gives me an idea! woop!

    i also love the first look because it's simple but just a little color peeking out. and the last look is, of course, fabulousness! you look so grown up and professional 🙂

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