Wedding Wednesday! Viktoria and Miles

I’ve known Viktoria since kindergarten!  So great to be reunited with her via blogs.  You can read about her life and style over at Viktoria with a K.

Viktoria and Miles married on June 6,  2009 in Maryville, Tennessee.  They both lived in Knoxville while he attended the University of Tennessee, but with family and friends living all across the eastern half of the US,  it made the most sense to have their wedding in neutral territory, if you will. “It would mean that all of our guests were out-of-town guests; everyone would have to travel and no side was being favored.”  Both their ceremony and reception were held at their church in Maryville, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.
“I wanted my wedding to be an afternoon of elegance. The entire wedding took place indoors at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, but I still wanted people to put on their black cocktail dresses and have a good time.”  About 80 people attended. “I wanted the wedding to be even smaller, but our parents kept inviting people!”
Viktoria admits that she went against her initial wedding color scheme. “Originally, I wanted taupe, navy blue, and yellow. But, my mother got her way and we went with a black and white wedding.”
“I carried a bouquet of white hydrangeas while the rest of the wedding party had white mini roses. Looking back, I should have carried the roses because the hydrangeas didn’t hold up so well,”  she admits pragmatically.  And this practical sense is what took Viktoria through all her wedding planning. “Most girls spend hours, even days shopping for the dress for her wedding. I did not. My Sophia Long gown from J. Crew was the only dress I saw online that I liked and the only wedding dress I tried on. It’s a simple dress because I like simple. It’s a v-neck, sleeveless, ivory silk gown. My veil was bought at David’s Bridal and took only 15 minutes to pick out. It came to my elbows and had a barely-there bead detail on the edges. My shoes were peep toe ballet flats, so I wouldn’t be taller than Miles. I also wore my mother’s pearl earrings and my great-grandmother’s pearl necklace.”
Viktoria’s sister was her maid of honor, and her brother was her “man-maid,” and Miles had a best man and two groomsmen. “My sister’s dress was a black, strapless dress from J. Crew that she loves! She said she would wear it over and over because it’s a nice dress without looking ‘bridesmaid-y’.  I’m practical, so I really wanted her to wear a dress that she could wear again somewhere else. The boys all wore black Stafford suits bought at J. C. Penny. Miles distinguished himself from the group by wearing a black vest. Also, after the ceremony was over, all of the boys changed into their favorite shoes– Chacos.”

Please, everyone take a moment to fully enjoy that photo.  Clearly an awesome group!
Their reception sounds like it was a crowd-pleaser!  “We had a little bit of everything on the buffet. My favorite was the chocolate fountain. Yum! And I had AudioStiles in NYC program my iPod with oldies music and our good friend, Rooster, who is a radio DJ, hosted the reception.”
When I approached the delicate topic of budget, Viktoria was ecstatic.  “We kept it! Our secret? The flowers and table arrangements! We bought all of the flowers at the local Kroger.  They did a fantastic job and didn’t charge us an arm and a leg! Our table arrangements were plants we bought at Wal-Mart. Miles and I painted terra cotta pots black and replanted the plants. We also had three pictures of us in black frames on each of the tables. Everyone loved the plants and the pictures because we encouraged them to take them home! They were also a great conversation piece. I was also very lucky that my best friend (she works for a photographer) did my wedding pictures as a gift!
Beyond keeping the budget (which is a rare sight in bridal land), Viktoria says her wedding highlight was, “standing at the alter looking around thinking, ‘Oh, my gosh, I’m getting married!’ I also loved that Miles couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. Also, to be honest, the reception wasn’t nearly as fun as the after-party at the hotel. I loved getting out of my dress and really talking with everyone I love.”
If you’re a bride-to-be, Viktoria would like to give you this advice: “Just remember that it’s just one day of your life. You might not be able to afford the extravagant wedding you want, and that’s okay! It’s about what happens after you say “I will” (haha Miles and I didn’t get to say, “I do.”).  No one is going to care if it’s a dessert reception only or a full sit down meal. People are there to see you marry your favorite person in the world.”

All photos by Katelyn Cowen

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