Tuesday Inspiration

Sometimes I need inspiration.  Sometimes I find it in weird places.

I was in a reception area a couple weeks ago, reading a TIME magazine.  There was a Q&A with Garrison Keillor of all people.  He’s so straight forward.  Simple.  I love it.

This question and answer spoke to me so much that I whipped out my camera and took a photo, since I had no pen and paper to jot down such an amazing quote.

Which actually works out better, as my handwriting is TERRIBLE, and this gives you a nice visual.

So whatever you’re working on right now, don’t try to master it.  Just enjoy the ride.  Love the attempt.


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Inspiration

  1. Boy, I needed to read that.

    Sometimes I lose sight of why I am blogging in the first place. I see other people's blogs and start getting blog envy. I sometimes get too obsessed and my husband has to remind me that this is supposed to be fun.

    He's right. This is not a contest. The whole purpose of blogging was to be a creative outlet. This quote is a great reminder, too. I will quit worrying and just enjoy the journey!

  2. True, I definitely have to remember this about blogging. I actually originally reacted to it in terms of my dance/choreography creativity. I'm working (although no movement yet) on a new work, and I'm just constantly worried that it's not going to be good enough, but yeah, I haven't even started the kayak down the river.

    I need to get my kayak on.

    but yeah, I get blog envy too. I need to keep my kayak purple and not green (since green means blog envy)


  3. Wonderful quote! I'll have to print this out and put it above my writing desk. Another great one I read recently is from Madeleine L'Engle: “Inspiration usually comes during work, not before it.”
    It's always good for me to remember that writing and so many other kinds of arts are crafts, which means they must be worked for.

    P.S. Found you ala Kendi.

  4. Reading this brought tears to my eyes, because I'm in medical school and I try to master every subject. I have to remember that that is literally impossible to do; I just need to learn what I can and still have a life. Of course, I do need to master some things, obviously, or else no one would ever want me for their doctor, but perhaps I should not be so hard on myself when I don't get the grade I want on a test, etc.

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