Super Bowl Style

If you know J, and you know me, you know it’s funny that we’re married.  For a lot of reasons.  But mostly because he is a sports lover and I am a sports apathetic.  I have gotten a lot better. I’m telling you, I’m following up on my wedding vows which included a promise to watch more ESPN.  That is the truth.

I could get into all the reasons I’m not a sports fan, but I actually like being somewhat knowledgable now.  I don’t like how much money sports players make (especially in comparison to artists, but also teachers, civil servants, etc.) but, then again, it is a free market, and if that’s what people want to spend money on, thus justifying such exorbitant salaries, that’s how it works, I guess.

However, the real reason I’m not a sports fan is I cannot handle it.  I cannot handle being so invested in a game that I am depressed for the next week because my team loses.  It is too painful.  It’s also painful when you know people who take the moment that your team loses to jump in your face and say “haha, you still a fan now?”  That’s mean, but people do it.

In the past year I’ve gotten invested in 3 games. Super Bowl 09 (about halfway through I got really impressed with the Cardinals… then that Eagles guy had to whip out his ballet lessons to barely catch that touchdown… yeah, I’m telling you it was a pas de poisson), a random Rangers vs. Red Sox game that we attended (out of nowhere the Red Sox came back from losing horribly… I was so angry) and then the Fiesta Bowl (me and the TCU horned frogs are still not talking). So all 3 games were extremely disappointing to me, and then I’m thinking “why do I even care, I do NOT want to be upset about this.  It’s a GAME!”

So I had to avoid really caring for this Super Bowl.  And I genuinely did not care.  I think it’s great that the Saints won, but I also really like Peyton Manning and I mean the Colts are cool right?  But yeah,  happy for many finally justified Saints fans.  Sooo, to make the Super Bowl fun for me, and also to keep myself from rooting for everyone (which means that soon they’ll lose, and I’ll be sad) I came up with a blue and gold, indifferent outfit.

Tank: Old Navy
Gold Shrug: Windsor
Tie: Nautica, stolen from J
Skinnies: Forever 21
Shoes: Rocketdog via Macy’s (clearance!!!)

I wore the tie not only because it was one of my only gold options, but also because the Super Bowl is a night for men.  Getting some men’s fashion in there was appropriate.

J was less indifferent than me.  Normally he’d root for the Colts, but he made a bet (before the Playoffs) that the Saints would win.  So he also got in on the Super Bowl Style…

I love his moderling skills.

I guess in addition to both teams I was rooting for the commercials… so I still left disappointed.

Who were you rooting for last night?

EDIT! Ok, so my husband and a friend pointed out my mistake.  I know that last year the Cardinals played the Steelers in the Super Bowl.  Not the Eagles.  One is Pittsburgh and the other is Philadelphia but they’re both in Pennsylvania, so you can understand and, oh yeah, I don’t care about sports!


6 thoughts on “Super Bowl Style

  1. You forgot my picture of me holding the Colts shirt! Also side bar-the guy who ruined the Cardinals last year was from the Steelers-same state very close. Love you mean it

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