Fashion Friday- Minor Revelations

Insert Witty Intro Here.

Let’s get to the outfits.

Have you ever put on an outfit for one part of the day, and then been like “whoa, I don’t like this, at all!” this is what happened last Saturday.  I wore the outfit on the left to go shopping, and then came home and changed before dinner with friends (which was hosted by this girl, and was fabulous!).  Like Kasmira (from What I Wore Today), I was inspired by Fell 4 Fashion’s look.  Until recently, I would not have put a long sleeved item under a short or 3/4 sleeved jacket, like this cropped olive one (that you’ve seen before), but I like the idea of a stripe peeking out from a solid jacket.  I don’t know why I didn’t like the left outfit… I think the denim shirt didn’t work how I imagined, and the pants are old and so they don’t fit the same anymore.  So I switched the pants for skinnies, with the same boots over the pants.  Swapped out the scarf (not sure how I feel about that move), and switched to the olive cropped jacket from the denim shirt.  Which do you like better?

Tank (under sweater): Aerie
Sweater: Old Navy
Brown Pants: So. Old.
Jeans: Forever 21
Denim Shirt: Also old
Cropped Jacket: Forever 21
Boots: Michael Shannon
Brown Scarf: gifted from friend in Singapore
Olive Scarf: gifted from Js Mom, World market

I’m just showing you this, because I love this coat.  Oh pink, brown, and black houndstooth, how I love you.  I have no real idea of where I got this, but I love it.

Oh dear, please ignore my hair.  I really need a haircut.  This was my outfit for church.  I really like this sweater dress on its own, but it’s hard to see my waist in it. thus, the blazer.

Dress, Leggings: Target
Boots: Blowfish via DSW
Blazer, Earrings: Forever 21

Another after church look.  I know, I know, you saw this chunky sweater worn as a dress last week.  But I like it this way too.

Skinny Jeans, Earrings: Forever 21
Gray Sweater: Levi Store
Chunky Sweater: gifted, from mom
Boots: Blowfish, via DSW

I wanted to try another stripe long-sleeved with this cropped jacket, since I wasn’t in love with the previous look.  I didn’t realize how similar it looked until now… I like purple, ok?  I don’t know which I like better- I guess something about the proportions isn’t sitting well with me.  Maybe this cropped look is better with a tunic length top?  Also not in love with the all black bottoms, just seems so stark compared to the top.  maybe the purple, olive combo works better with a warmer color to contrast?  A chocolate brown, or even denim?

Sweater: Charlotte Russe
Cropped jacket, leggings: Forever 21
Boots: Blowfish
Skirt: Old Navy
Sunglasses: Target

My minor revelations?
1) I so need a haircut, at least a bang trim
2) My repetition in items is really obvious when I blog them all together like this…  You’ve probably started to notice… olive cropped jacket… week later, olive cropped jacket… two days later, olive cropped jacket.  I promise I wash my clothes!  I will admit, that in the winter I do not wash things after one wear unless: 1) they touch my skin directly, 2)I wear an item all day and it shows/smells, 3) I sweat tremendously 4) I acquire a stain

I never wash jeans after one wear unless they truly need it.  I definitely wash after one wear during the summer, because I sweat.  Also, with my non-traditional “work” schedule, I usually only wear outfits for a few hours before I change to either don dance clothes for rehearsals or to don pajamas and go to bed.  I also don’t see the same people everyday (except J), so it doesn’t bother me to wear the same cardigan on Friday that I wore on Wednesday, as long as I’m wearing it with a different outfit.  But maybe it bothers you to see it in one week’s outfit roundup?  Actually, this pattern of picking similar items is a product of adding fashion fridays to my blog routine.  If I don’t get something right (which is how I feel about this olive cropped jacket) I like to try it again in some other combination.  Likewise, when I make an outfit I love, I fall in love with the pieces and want to use them again ASAP!  I’m still experimenting a lot with my closet, and until I feel like I really understand how to best use some of my least used pieces, you’re probably going to see a lot of repetition.

What about you?  Can you stand repetition?  Do you think I’m incredibly gross for not washing immediately?


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