Shameless Plug

I did it.
I watched the Miss America pageant.
Has it always been weirdly not good?  Is Miss USA the more credible of the two? 
But I will say this.  Kudos to Miss California for dancing en pointe and looking pretty fierce.  I’ve seen a lot of bad pageant ballet (um, I’ve seen a lot of bad ballet in general) and that stage looks really slick, and she was a legit, classically trained dancer, who did not fall.  For reals.
Speaking of ballet…
Sorry, I need to do a little shameless plugging.  I am currently working with a company, Texas Dance Theatre, a non-profit ballet company in Fort Worth.  My official title is resident choreographer, which is a super-flattering and wonderful label.  It just means that I am choreographing for their concerts regularly.  Some of my best friends dance with TDT, whose dancers are some of the most inspiring artists (most devote as much time and energy to the company as you would to a part-time or full-time job, on top of other full-time jobs and/or school.  Some have multiple jobs and responsibilities that they juggle in addition to their artistic work.  All bring so much to the table in talent and commitment) and wonderful people.
Their next performance is on Feb. 12, and includes a suite of short dances set to Gershwin music.  Don’t tell me you don’t love Gershwin, nothing could be better. I love it too, that’s why I created a solo and trio for the suite.  If you are in the Fort Worth area, add this to your weekend.
And if you’re not in the area, go find some other art to enjoy.  We need your support.  And, whether you know it or not, you need art.
If you’d like your own shameless plug, feel free to leave it in your comment!
For more information about this performance, visit


2 thoughts on “Shameless Plug

  1. I wish I could be there! I am long overdue for a trip home. I hope it all goes well. Please post something afterwards and let us know.

    I always felt that Miss America was the more legitimate title, because you actually have to have a talent in addition to being attractive. However, I believe that reason has also hurt it. The Miss USA pageant has thrived because the women don't have to be artistic or talented. They just have to be beautiful and look great in a bathing suit. And in our society, sadly, looks are more prized than talent.

  2. I will definitely post something! Hopefully some photos!

    Yeah, I agree that in theory Miss America is better due to the talent section, but I think a lot of people are talented, but not necessarily talented in something they can perform onstage. So instead, sometimes (although not in the case of many of the contestants this weekend, particularly Miss California) we get really crappy talent from people in the top 10… which is annoying to me. Why are they being upheld so highly, when they are not actually showcasing a great talent (at least not a talent great enough for television or a national contest)? Oh yeah, they're pretty… so I guess I'd rather see no talent, than bad talent that wins or is upheld because she's just so beautiful.

    And, actually, most of what I was talking about in terms of it being weirdly bad was like the set up, and the outfits that they put them in and the canned intros they read, and the choreography they all had to learn… Ack, weirdly bad!

    can you tell I was never a pageant girl?

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