Am I over the top?

Apparently, Athenista thinks I’m “over the top” that’s why she gave me this awesome award!

I’ve never gotten a blog award before!  I’m so excited and super humbled that she gave me this award amongst some other super cool bloggers.

So here’s the deal, I’ve got to answer this entire questionnaire with just one answer. and then I get to give this award to five other bloggers that I think are over the top.

Your Cell Phone? crackberry

Your Hair? needy
Your Mother? me
Your Father? wise
Your Favorite Food? everything
Your Dream Last Night? weird
Your Favorite Drink? carbonated
Your Dream/Goal? opportunity

What Room Are You In? living
Your Hobby? blogging!

Your Fear? loss

Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? what?
Where Were You Last Night? pizza
Something That You Aren’t? relaxed
Muffins? please!
Wish List Item? studio
Where Did You Grow Up? ville
Last Thing You Did? freaky
What Are You Wearing? blazer
Your TV? full!
Your Pets? Bravo!
Friends? love
Your Life? better

Your Mood? thoughtful
Missing Someone? kinda

Vehicle? corolla
Something You Aren’t Wearing? dress

Your Favorite Store? undecided
Your Favorite Color? purple
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? today
Last Time You Cried? Sunday
Your Best Friend? husband
One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? TCU
Facebook? hourly
Favorite Place To Eat? yum

And now for my nominees.  It was really hard to pick… so to help me pick I tried not to name anyone who has gotten an award recently (that I know of).  You know, spread the love and all.  I hope you’ll try to check out these blogs!
1) A Little Whine and Cheese, is a blog written by one of my friends, Sarah.  She and her husband walked J and I through premarital counseling so they are both very special to us.  Her blog is over the top because she is amusingly honest about motherhood and parenting her two, soon to be 3, kids.  Her whine always goes perfectly with her cheese
2) Better Off WedKendi Everyday– Ok, I’ve put 2 blogs in one spot because they are both written by Kendi. Kendi Everyday covers her style, and Better Off Wed is a more personal blog with a glimpse into Kendi’s home life with her husband.  I love the style (and thoughts on style) of Kendi Everyday (so loving her husband’s photo skills… sorry J) and I love her dry wit concerning married life.   She wrote possibly the funniest tag line to a blog that I’ve ever seen “People think that when you get married and move to a small town,that you should get pregnant. i started a blog. (it’s a girl)”
3) Enthusiast Endeavors– I know Lauren in real life (though I have not seen her in years!) and she is super cool.  I’ve envied her style since she was like 13.  Really.  But that actually has nothing to do with her blog, it just alludes to her creativity.  Lauren doesn’t blog super regularly, but when she does its a quality post, about one of her obsessions, complete with good writing, fun links, and sometimes a great youtube find.  
4) Babbette’s Book Blog– Beth was one of our photographers for our wedding, and then I found her blog, which is all about the books she’s reading, or hopes to read.  I wish I read more books.  Anyway, her reviews are extremely well written. Like publishable. I definitely wish I read more, and it’s because of Babbette… Beth!
5) And I’m going to give a second shout-out to Nikki and JoAnn of Sidewalk Chalk (Athenista already gave them this award… but I’m seconding it).  JoAnn commented a couple weeks ago, and seeing Sidewalk Chalk inspired me to work on my style, which has made getting dressed way more fun.  In fact, I copied one of JoAnn’s outfits last week… so Sidewalk Chalk is over the top in inspiration.
Pass it on bloggers!  

2 thoughts on “Am I over the top?

  1. I think you're over the top…over the top in awesomeness!

    Congrats on your award…so well deserved. I'm glad I found your blog that one day because a) I love your take on married life, b) your fashion Fridays are so creative and chic and c) it's a sweet way to stay in touch.

    Thanks for seconding our blog…it means a lot to us.

    – JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

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