Wedding Wednesday- Advice Round-Up

It’s Wedding Wednesday, and today I’m dispensing good and bad wedding advice to any future brides that may be reading. 
Ehome left a comment: “Spend more time and thoughtfulness preparing to be a wife than a bride – your wedding is 1 day and your marriage is a lifetime.”
And that’s probably the best wedding advice you’ll ever hear.  That even though the wedding is a wonderful, amazing day, and even though you look absolutely fabulous in the dress, that ultimately, the whole point of this day is to start a marriage.
J, that’s the husband in case you didn’t know, left this comment: “tell the grooms not to forget their vows and the ring locked in a safe in a car that is not supposed to be at the church. Make sure you have everything so you can rest and enjoy the day!
So brides, let your grooms know that there’s no shame in them making lists for the big day as well… might be a good call.
My bridesmaid’s, JB, advice was to make sure someone makes you eat during the day.  I’m betting you can see the importance of that one.
 The day of the wedding I got two pieces of fabulous advice.  The first was from Beth, one of our photographers.  This is not an exact quote, but it went something like this:
“Take five moments today, moments you want to remember, and step back and really enjoy them so that you’ll remember them once this day is over.”
My most vividly remembered moments?
 Walking down the aisle
My dad giving me away
Reading our vows
Our high five/kiss
Our first dance
I’m sorry, I take any chance I can to post my wedding photos…
The second piece of advice was sent via text message from my friend Alison.  She said to, “use all my senses today.  Remember what you hear and see, but also remember touch, the smells, the tastes.”
So all day I tried my best to really listen to the music, look at my guests, smell the flowers, feel the satin of my dress, and actually taste the cake!  I would give this same advice to any future bride.
The main piece of advice that I usually hear is to remember that it’s “your day.”  And, while I get the sentiments (not letting family or friends pressure you into something that you’re not passionate about when it comes to your wedding) I think that’s the most common piece of bad advice.
Insisting that it’s “your day” is the very beginning of becoming a bridezilla.
It is your day, and you should get to make the decisions, but remember that it’s his day too (um, my groom and his friends performed an NSYNC singalong at the reception… it was definitely his day too).  And also remember that this is a HUGE day for your parents.  Hopefully they remember that it’s more your day than theirs, but a happy family that feels loved by your day, not ordered around or left out of decisions, makes for a happy wedding.  And guests that are enjoying themselves makes for a super fun wedding, so making your wedding guest-friendly (letting them share in your day, rather than insisting that it’s YOUR day) will help you out in the long run.
And, for the record… I really wanted to fight the NSYNC singalong… but it was a riot and that everyone loved and laughed at, and won me some points with J and his friends.
Coming next week: Wedding Recap #1… because wedding stories and photos never get old.

4 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday- Advice Round-Up

  1. I'm so glad you remember that I said that ….. and actually followed it! Weddings are such a whirlwind and all of the little moments that you want to be special are so easily caught up in the BIG event that is the whole day. Glad yours was so special.

  2. I COMPLETELY agree with you on the it's-your-day-bad-advice thing. I heard that so many times and then thought… well, what's the point? If it really were MY day, I would've eloped. Or at least kept it small. But to leave out so many people who really loved us and supported us growing up and are still such a huge support system for us now would have been the ultimate selfish move. Weddings are meant to be a celebration and what's the point of celebrating if you have no one else to celebrate and enjoy it WITH?

  3. Omg, Krista. I agree with you on the bad advice thing. If I were really being selfish, Jeremiah and I would have eloped on a sunny island somewhere, free from family wishes and religious traditions(and sometimes, I still wish that we did). Although we didn't have the absolute perfect day, the most important thing happened: we were married.
    I promise I have not forgotten, but I will send you my wedding questionnaire soon! 🙂
    – JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

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