Weekend Update

I don’t have Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler, or any of the SNL cast, but I can still give you a weekend update.
It might not be that funny though, that’s not my calling.
My weekend started on Thursday when we went out with my former roommate (she dealt with engaged kj.  She is a saint)  and some friends to Buttons.  A truly southern/soul food joint here in the fort (it’s the only one, I think.  And yes, it can compare to the soul food of Atlanta.  Or “hotlanta” as our waitress called it… yes, yes she did).  Rooms and I shared chicken and waffles.  This was our split portion.
That’s right ,waffles on the left, collard greens in the bowl, and those orange things are fried sweet potato strings, underneath them is a fried chicken leg and breast.  So yes, if you order the whole thing you either need a) a doggy bag or b) health insurance.
But seriously… chicken and waffles equals YUM.  It shouldn’t, but it does.
On Friday it was Christmas again. J got me a couples massage for Christmas, so really it was a gift for both of us, but I let it go.   It was good.  I used to hate massages because I couldn’t relax to let them do their job.  But lately I’ve been really good at relaxing.  Just ask my DVR.  But that’s unrelated.  Anyway, it was a fantastic gift!  I said thank you, no worries.
We also stopped by the Apple Store.  My Christmas iPod touch was acting funny.  So funny that Steve Jobs himself is going to hand deliver me a new one.  Not really.  The part about Steve Jobs.  But I am getting a new one, for free.  When I do, I can’t wait to play Words with Friends.
Then we went to TARGET!  I love that place… And I bought two new graphic tees (on sale! “Holla atcha boy!” Name that reality tv quote, please, someone) that I’m sure you’ll be seeing on Fashion Friday sometime soon (New clothes burn holes in my dresser/closet… and the damage is just getting so annoying). And I replaced my sunglasses that I broke… with exactly the same glasses (hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?… wait…) and husband grabbed 500 Days of Summer on bluray.  Oh how I love him.
Sidenote- 500 days doesn’t seem that long until I realize that a year is only 365 days and that I am an idiot when it comes to numbers.  That’s probably the irony they’re going for with that title.
Saturday we made another consumer trip to the mall where I pondered a pair of Payless shoes but passed, J got his watch resized (you’re welcome, love) and I said yes to a pair of clearance Rocketdog flats that are sure to change the face of my wardrobe forever. We had Chick-Fil-A and discovered that Bravo likes chicken… and wrappers that it comes in.  He went to the crate for an hour for that one.  Then we visited with friends who fed Bravo his weight in steak. 
After church on Sunday, I gave a segway tour to 4 girls from Kansas City… Oh, if you don’t know, I give segway tours.  For real.  Visit texassegway.com to find out more. 
After looking like a big silicon valley nerd for a couple hours I returned home to watch The Pregnancy Pact (yep, I taped it.  I taped a Lifetime movie, someone please save me) with Bridesmaid J.  It was not as good as we wanted it to be.  But I don’t really know what we expected considering its on LT (this is what J calls it. He likes acronyms.).
A dinner of Chipotle, watching husband fall asleep while “watching” the 2nd football game, some meal planning and shopping and my weekend was over.
Even though I am sort of a reformed ESPN watcher (I shocked one of my friends when I casually mentioned “oh Oregon vs. Oregon State, the Civil War.”  That’s when he realized that I was for real about my vow to watch more ESPN) I am so glad that there is only one more major football game until August.  I either get bored or devastated, and my heart cannot take any more devastation.
Must have been that chicken and waffles.

One thought on “Weekend Update

  1. You are very funny! I chuckled all the way through your post.

    That actually sounds like a wonderful weekend…shopping, eating, shopping, eating. And that dinner looks yummy, except for the collard greens. I would let you have all the collard greens if you and I split that!

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