Fashion Friday- An Equal Opportunity Post

Last week I declared my love for my boots, and this week I decided to show some love to some other shoes. And some new items I picked up at Old Navy
On sale.  Holla!
My first outfit reflects none of this.
We went out for one of my friend/former co-worker’s birthday.  I wanted to play with color and items that I don’t normally wear.  Which I did (minus my boots, of course)  Plus I needed a little bit of warmth for the cool and rainy weather.
I love the mock turtle tee, but I almost always wore it with pants, and never was happy with how it sat on the waistline.  Now I rarely wear it.  Enter dress that I don’t really like how the top fits me (plus it’s a strapless, which does not equal warm), that I also rarely wear. I’m not saying that I should keep buying things that aren’t great fits, but my experience is that with my budget I rarely get a perfect fit (that and the fact that I have some really weird proportions going on in my torso) so it’s fun to find ways to style pieces to disguise their ill-fittedness (it’s a word, spell check lies).  Anyway, I love the bright, bold print of the skirt with the purple top (must admit that I was inspired by JoAnna at Sidewalk Chalk when she posted this… we wouldn’t want to go to a party together like this, would we?).  I added my crochet shrug and black patterned tights and boots for warmth. 
Dress (worn as skirt)- Francesca’s Collection
Shirt- bought from some crazy cheap store in NY
Crochet Shrug- Express
Patterned Tights: Merona via Target
Boots- Blowfish via DSW
Necklace- Maurice’s
Bracelets- gift
This outfit was for a Saturday with J and friends.  It’s going to get warm here soon (in fact it’s starting right now, but if I had to guess we’ll have a cold snap again) and I’d yet to wear my orange cashmere sweater.  Yeah, Orange.  So I went with the “neutral with a pop of color” described daily by Clinton and Stacey (Hello, What not to wear- watch it) (if you want a description of this concept- check out this tutorial by academichic).
Sweater- Old Navy
Tank, worn underneath sweater- Old Navy
Jeans- Sweetheart jeans (budget friendly jeans that FIT. For real) by Old Navy
Leopard flats- Rocketdog via DSW
Tan Motorcycle jacket- boutique buy from my hometown circa 2004
Scarf- gift from one of my friends living in Singapore (thanks P!)
Sunglasses- Target, but now they’re broken… 😦
I put these two photos together to demonstrate what I do on Sundays- there is church wear and there is after-church wear.  And if I can overlap an item or 2 in those two outfits, less laundry for me.  I bought this slouchy hunter green shirt at Old Navy last weekend (on sale!  What what!), and I love it. So comfortable.  I wanted to wear it right away, so I paired it with this lace overlay skirt that I rarely wear.  The opaque layer of the skirt is an iridescent yellow-gold color, so the green and yellow is an interesting combination.
I added patterned tights (see how it pairs with the lace in the skirt? That’s pattern mixing, right??), my black flats, and my green bead necklace.  To make it a more comfy outfit for afternoon I put on my skinny jeans, leopard flats and my new ($6!!) corally orange earrings.
I’m not in love with either of these outfits.  Both the top and bottom feel really boxy in the skirt version.  And the skinniness of the bottom part of the jean is not exactly balancing out my hips, which are only skinny-ish (emphasis on the ish).  I thought such a slouchy top would have worked with a tight bottom (especially since the shirt hits in the middle of the hip).  Thoughts?
Top- Old Navy
Skirt- ancient… have no idea
Skinny jeans- $9.50 from Forever 21
Black Flats- same as skirt
Leopard flats- Rocket Dog via DSW
Patterned tights- Merona via Target
Earrings- $6 from Old Navy
Necklace- Maurice’s

Monday night we had friends over for dinner so I put together this outfit.  I feel like I’m jamming a bunch of styles together (muted color with bright color; a ruched, glittery evening top with a relaxed cardigan; cowboy boots with sequins…) but I like it.  I know these cowboy boots (which is a necessity to have here in Texas. Not really, but I pretend) aren’t super authentic (the ginormous synthetic heel gives them a way), but they get the job done, and I was really excited to pair them with skinnies (which I totally stole from Audi at her blog).
Top- Forever 21
Cardigan- Old Navy
Skinny jeans- Forever 21
Boots- Target

I just wanted something fun when I put this next outfit together.  Still obsessed with my new bright pink cardigan, I thought, “what else can I pair this with?”  Then I remembered this super fun, super soft t-shirt.  I love that it brings in pink (a different shade than the cardigan) with yellow and teal (which I played up with my shoes and bracelets).  I really love that I based my whole outfit on a t-shirt.  I’m not in love with the fit, but since it’s casual I’m ok with it.

We did a little photo shoot outside with Bravo.  I think he’s pretty good at posing. 
T-shirt- Old Navy
Cardigan- Old Navy
Jeans- Sweetheart Jeans, Old Navy
Teal flats- Rocket Dog via DSW
Bracelets- gift
Earrings- specialty shop (I originally bought these for my senior prom!!!)

We went to dinner with friends last night and (as you can tell) it’s getting a little warmer here.  So I wanted to wear something fun.  And not pants.  Once again, because I’m new at this, I went to the closet confused and frustrated.  Then this dress caught my eye.  I bought it for the pattern (which I have always struggled with in my wardrobe- I have so many solids!), but, once again, the top/neckline just doesn’t look right on me.  But yay, a print to build the outfit around!

It’s a mostly purple print with some navy thrown in, perfect to layer this sheer navy lightweight sweater-blouse over (love those sleeves!).  Then I mustered up the courage to add my teal belt (a new buy.  I’m trying to build a belt collection, but I’m not sure about the trend on my body- but that’s something for another post.) and other teal accessories to make sense of the purple, navy, and teal combination.  I added the jacket, just to have another layer.  I think it adds structure, and it also adds another, more subtle pattern with its weathered pin stripe.

Jacket- Hotkiss via Windsor circa 2004
Sweater-blouse- Maurices
Dress- Old Navy
Teal flats- Rocket Dog via DSW
Necklace- gift
Bracelets- gift
Belt- Old Navy
Whew, glad you made it to the end.  And glad you made it through all those blues, bright pinks, purples and, OMG orange.  That’s a technical term for bright orange.  Here’s to you wearing your favorite colors… and maybe some of your not-so-favorites!

5 thoughts on “Fashion Friday- An Equal Opportunity Post

  1. I'm loving all of these outfits!

    Difficult call but I think my favorite outfit is the sequins with the cowboy boots. For one, I love anything sparkly, and also, being from Texas, I LOVE cowboy boots. They are so classic and SO comfortable. Do yourself a favor and get a real pair. You will wear them for years and years!

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