Wedding Wednesday- honeymooners

I’m still looking for wedding advice… good, bad, and ridiculous, and you can read more about that here.

And while I’m waiting to hear your advice, I so owe you a honeymoon post.

Deciding on a honeymoon location was the most difficult part for us, but once we decided on a budget and an all-inclusive resort we went to a travel agent who suggested a location based on when we’d be traveling.

Turns out, the Riviera Maya in Mexico is less expensive in July (the off season).  Of course, we did brave the risk of a hurricane and swine flu, but that’s why you get trip insurance. (just to clarify- we came across  no hurricane nor any swine flu).  

A picture is worth a thousand words, and I don’t have time for an actual one thousand words… so here are some of my favorite honeymoon photos!
“hi”lights from our trip included:

Hi room!
Hi view from room!
Hi welcome gift from fancy hotel!
Hi pool and beach, thanks for keeping us cool in the ninety degree weather!
Hi amazing food… scallops, beef, octopus, and a million other things I don’t normally get to eat.
Hi open air seating!
Hi special gifts and petals from our in-room couples massage. I want another one!
Hi beach cabanas to read and lounge under.
Hi fancy turndown service for our departure.
Hi fancy restaurants, that gave us an excuse to dress up!
Bye most amazing, relaxing vacation that I’ll ever have… at least for a few more years!
Where did you honeymoon?  Or where do you plan to honeymoon?  Or where do you plan to getaway?
We stayed at the Royal at Playa del Carmen in Playa del Carmen, Mexico… and I would highly recommend staying there, for any type of romantic getaway!

Oh, and look forward to a new Wedding Wednesday feature in a couple weeks- Real Wedding Recaps!  

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