Actual Conversations with J, Episode 6

This conversation is about a month old, while I was still working at the theme park.

Me: I need to find the closest Chick Fil A to the park, so I can eat before work.
J: I don’t know if there is one over there…
Me:  after using my handy Google Maps skill.  It looks like there’s one on Collins street?
J:  Oh yeah, I know where that is. There’s a Hooters over there.
Me: evil, unhappy silence
J: Well, it’s next to the Hooters
Me: confused as to how this makes it any better…So you just know about anything in the surrounding area of any Hooters in the metroplex.
J: No… there’s a shuttle that stops over there to take you to the Rangers games.
Note: This may not be as humorous to anyone else, but I find this story to say everything about my husband and his love for sports and his utter apathy for Hooters waitresses, et. al.


3 thoughts on “Actual Conversations with J, Episode 6

  1. I have to say that I have parked at said Hooters with your husband many times to ride the shuttle to the Ranger's games. We never went inside. Ever. : ) And yes, there's a Chik-Fil-A and a Taco Bueno nearby. And a shop where you can buy condoms and one for bongs. Or at least there used to be….

  2. I already tried to comment on this once, but it didn't take. So I'll say it again. I think we married the same guy. I mean, not really, that would have made premarital counseling somewhat awkward, but they are definitely made from the same stuff.

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