I’m in love- part 2

I’m in love.  Again.
And not with my boots.
Oh, and not with J.  I mean I love J, but that’s not who/what I’m talking about, of course… wow- I’m digging.  Back to the point at hand.
I love my crock pot.
One of my friend’s mom bought me a crock pot as bridal shower gift.  It was one of those items that I registered for knowing that I should, but thinking I wouldn’t use it for ten years.
O me of little faith.
The crock pot has saved me.  I hate overcooked/undercooked/dried out meat.  And I love meals with flavor other than salt.
A few weeks ago I made this, a cranberry beef dish… basically stew chunks, cranberry sauce and soy sauce in the crock pot.  Done 6 hours later. I served it over mashed potatos.
We had some friends over for dinner the other night and I courageously served a new recipe (although, the actual use of the crock pot negates some of that courage)- golden pork with cinnamon apples. Pork roast, brown sugar, golden mushroom soup, soy sauce, cinnamon, sugar, and apple slices.
Yum- I have no photos, but pork was made for the crock pot.  Perfect texture.
If you’d like to rejuvenate your love for your crock pot- check out the crock pot app for iphone or ipod touch… or that slow cooker lady’s blog (1 recipe for everyday of 2008… she was committed).


4 thoughts on “I’m in love- part 2

  1. Since photos are unavailable, I can vouch for the pork-apple dish. Very tasty! And, as I was the guest of honour (oooh fancy with the “ou”), I am confident that my opinion is way credible.

  2. I agreee. With the cold weather I have renewed my love for my crock pot (and mine came with a baby crock pot for dips, which I have yet to use even though it is really cute!).

  3. I just waddled in, stuffed from dinner and thinking I could never eat again. And then I read this and I'm drooling!

    I will have to dust my crock pots off (I actually have different sizes)and crank them up soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

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