Wedding Wednesday- advice?

Wedding Wednesday is back!  And it’s interactive!
I have a few friends that are on the cusp of their weddings and/or getting engaged, and I know what the wedding planning period is like.
Lots of advice.  From lots of people.  About lots of things.
Something I learned a long time ago (and has definitely benefited my life) if advice is freely given, then it should be freely taken.
I try to give advice only when solicited, but sometimes I give it unsolicited, because I can’t help myself.  When I do that, I try to make it clear that my advice is just my opinion, and you can take it or leave it, no hard feelings.
Not everyone feels this way.  Like if that overbearing cousin thrice removed insists that you serve chicken and beef and you say you are sticking with one meat choice and one vegetarian choice and she says you’re dead to her.
Hopefully that doesn’t happen, but you never know.
So here’s what I ask of you.
What’s some advice you’ve been given (or have heard about from someone else) about your wedding?
It can be good advice (be happy), bad advice (be a bridezilla), silly advice (sleep with cake under your pillow), advice you followed (have fun), advice you wished you’d followed (don’t freak out), advice you wished you hadn’t followed (be anal), or advice you wish someone else would follow (feed us before midnight!)
You can even include marriage advice.  But sometimes that can get dicey and personal, so if you want to just give wedding advice, that’s cool.
Leave your comments, or e-mail, facebook, or tweet them.  And I’ll post them next week.  With my commentary, if you don’t mind…

2 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday- advice?

  1. Best Wedding Advice: Spend more time and thoughtfulness preparing to be a wife than a bride – your wedding is 1 day and your marriage is a lifetime.

    My marriage advice (after just 5 years of marriage): Have fun together!!! Life is too short not to enjoy it with the one you love, so take time to learn to enjoy and value what your spouse does and have fun doing it together. People who play together stay together 🙂

  2. My advice is tell the grooms not to forget their vows and the ring locked in a safe in a car that is not supposed to be at the church. Make sure you have everything so you can rest and enjoy the day!

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