I’m in love

I’m in love again.

And I’m not talking about J
I’m talking about these.
This photo, and my photography skills don’t do them justice.
This is a preview to my Fashion Friday blog, because I cannot contain my love until then.  And you will see the true extent of my love on Friday, and beyond.
Thank you Aunt Kathy/my mom for finding them and giving them as a Christmas present. You have severely elevated my wardrobe.
I wanted to introduce you,
Hi boots.
I know you’ll judge me for wearing them with every outfit, but winter in Texas is short, so I have to use them as much as possible now. And I’m going to be very sad when summer is here, and I can’t wear them anymore.
Also, one of my friends told me that there’s nothing wrong with centering my wardrobe around a great pair of boots.
She’s an enabler.
And I agree.

2 thoughts on “I’m in love

  1. Love the new header! Have you ever seen boot jewlery? I stumbled upon a blog the other day where a girl was showing off the jewlery that her husband gave her for Christmas & her necklace matched an anklet meant for her boots! Who knew?!

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