Challenge for myself- of the blog and fashion kind

A couple days ago I gave a shout out to my fashion bloggers (ballet flats and sweater dresses, holla!), and they encouraged me to try it myself… so I thought about it and did some fashion blogger research, and it got me thinking.
I started trying new fashion things in college (new place, new people, new things to see and be, so new ways to look at what I wore), but whenever I got too into it I just felt overwhelmed.  And then I was spending most of my time at the dance studio so I reserved actual fashion choices for special occasions.  And then I started planning my wedding, and then, yeah… I’m out of excuses.

Should I dress up to cook?  Maybe a little, if this is what I’m planning on wearing…

Truth be told, caring so much about my fashion feels very self-centered and… well, not important. And I think that can be the case.  When you’re spending more money on clothes than you do on food, or rent, or when you can’t set foot in a store without spending way too much money, or when all you care about is what you look like.
But with these bloggers- that’s not the case.  Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to pick out what to wear, and we live in these clothes and we should feel good in what we live in (fashion is to body as design is to home? Maybe…).  Should we obsess over what is on our backs?  No, but we should love being in them. For the fashion blog world, sharing their clothing choices acts like outfit accountability.  If you’re willing to put a photo of your clothes on the internet, then you have to be willing to put the time and thought into what you put on your back.  Plus we learn things from each other, like how to make that weird green sweater work, when you think you have to buy a new pair of pants to go with it (hint- you probably don’t have to buy anything new).
Case in point, academichic: 3 PhD students who want to look professional for grad school, but not frumpy, plus I’m pretty sure they live somewhere cold, so they have that against them as well. So they show their outfits and they give challenges, to themselves and their readers… trying different kinds of color combinations, and mixing fabrics and patterns- all with the goal of getting more mileage out of the clothes you have.
And, like my friend at Athenista, I feel like I have plenty, and possibly too many clothes, so making an effort to wear what I have in different ways so I feel like I went shopping, instead of actually going shopping and buying wasting money on my sixth teal tank top, seems like a valid use of time.  And, as Athenista points out, shopping your closet means you really know what you have, which means that when you do buy things, you buy what you actually need to make your wardrobe more well-rounded (I usually just buy what catches my eye, which usually means a teal tank top).
So I’m challenging myself to share my fashion.  My blog will continue to be whatever I want newlywed related, but I’m jumping on board again with Wedding Wednesdays, and now Fashion Fridays as well- complete with photos, thoughts on my closet, and questions for fashionistas that are reading (I have lots of questions).
So get ready, because the first two days of trying to make super cute outfits was incredibly successful.
We’ll see how long I last.

4 thoughts on “Challenge for myself- of the blog and fashion kind

  1. YESSSSS! *fist pumping*

    So excited for some Fashion Friday. And I love how you explained the style blogging. You're so great with words; you say so many things that I think but can't put to pen and paper. One of many, many wonderful things about you and your blog!

    (And all I can really think when I look at your picture is, “Holy cow, now THAT is a colander!”)

  2. Hey, thanks for the shout out! welcome to style blogging – it's all about celebrating how we can use clothes to speak for us, which is really not that different from using dance, music, art, the written word or whatever else to communicate – style bloggers just do it with garments. It's a wonderful creative outlet and, like you pointed out, can be all about getting that extra mileage out of your existing wardrobe rather than spending a ton and feeling consumeristic. Looking forward to your Fashion Fridays! 🙂

    PS: The picture in your masthead is absolutely beautiful! S.

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