Coming out of Hibernation

I took a leave of absence from my blog. Why?

Because I was tired.

That’s honestly the truth. lots of work and lots of people to see and family to love and presents to buy (and open!) and after all that fun and love and work, I wanted to sleep.  To hibernate.

And I’m still sleeping a bit, but soon January will hit me in the face.

So I’m blogging again, and I hope you like my new header.  It was time for something new- the old one was an engagement shot, and my jeans were starting to bug me, so I decided to update and put a wedding photo up.  Maybe in six months J and I will have a good married shot.  Or maybe this is how I’ll relive my wedding daily.  Who knows?

Scott Wang took the photo, but I added the text.  I’m fancy, I know.

All the bloggers I know are doing Christmas updates and resolution posts… I don’t like to resolve… plus since I was working all through December and New Years (I’m normally resting during that time), I feel like I need January to be a rest time so that my new year won’t really start until February.

That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.  So basically, any major changes in my life are waiting until February, because that’s the beginning of my 2010.  Don’t worry, I’ll catch up with the rest of you by August or so.

But you still need a Christmas update, right?

Here it is.

Our family is amazing.  My parents, brother, grandparents and aunt rented a house in FW (hello, 9 people celebrating Christmas in a one-bedroom apartment would not have been fun) and came out to the park to see me perform and then we did everything Christmas at the rent house.  Everything- Christmas dinner, presents, and Christmas desserts- including oreo balls!  Then J’s parents came up Christmas day for a visit.  There’s not much to say except that, as normal, I’m humbled that so many of my family would travel so far (by car and by plane) to spend the holiday in an unfamiliar home.

I could post a lot of relevant pictures, but I’m just going to leave you with just one.

I think he likes Christmas.


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