Trickies with Stickies

I make lists.  I got it from my mother.  She makes a list every morning.  Our wedding caused the death of many a legal pad.
On our first date, J asked if I knew what my name meant.  I did.
“Do you know what Jacob means?”
I didn’t.
“Trickster.  Or deceiver.”
Being the Biblical scholar that I am, this made a lot of sense.
I swear this is related.
I don’t make as many lists as my mom, but when I have things to do that carry over many weeks I make a standing to do list so I don’t forget the things that are likely to sneak up on me.
I like to keep said list on sticky notes.
No, not that kind of sticky note.
This kind.
on your computer.  Well, you’re mac.  It’s a digital sticky note of sorts.
This is one of the reasons I’m in love with my mac.
Anyway, I started this list back in August, and it went something like this:
Couples get-together
Dinner with the Baldrees
Dinner with the Kitchens
Make banana bread
We haven’t done anything to accomplish anything on these lists, except I have collected about six overripe bananas that are in the freezer, waiting to become banana bread.
I don’t look at this list a lot… I probably will starting in the new year when I stop being so busy in the evenings.
Last night Jacob was sitting next to me as I was wasting time being productive on my computer.
“have you looked at your list lately?”
Couples get-together (swinger party)
Dinner with the loser Baldrees
Do something in the kitchen
Freezer is low on old bananas.
Apparently he was waiting for days for me to find this little trick.
J, the trickster.

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