I take photos of my food- here’s why

If you’re my friend on facebook you’ve probably already laughed at one of my photo albums.  It’s called the Langford Life, and it includes photos of our honeymoon, our apartment, and some of my first meals/desserts (because I love making desserts… and the reason I love making desserts is… enough to fill another post).  People think it’s funny that I record the food I made, but it’s very important that I do this.

I never cooked when I lived at home and I was an expert reheater and microwaver in college.  And everyone knew this, to the point that when I got kitchen items (crock pot, whisk, ladle, that thing that pounds meat) at my bridal showers, people would laugh.  I think they assumed that I just wanted to fill my kitchen, while still living on a diet of easy mac and coke.
But now that I have my own kitchen and no roommates or family members looking over my shoulder (not that they were, but I’m paranoid), I have been using my kitchen.  So I had to prove to the nay sayers that I am cooking.  A variety of things.
I’ll be honest, since I started my theme park job (which tends to take me away in the evenings) I don’t cook a lot.  A full meal maybe once every two weeks.  I also must admit that Jacob nearly always helps me.
But the kitchen gifts are being used.  And here’s a sample of what we’re making…
I know you remember the first meal and dessert I made for J’s birthday: salmon, rice, salad, and roasted peaches with ice cream and raspberry sauce.  A great summer meal.
This is outside of the box pasta pie- our first multi-step and multi ingredient dish that we made.  Baby steps, people.  That’s what it takes. also, it’s way more tasty than it actually looks.  There’s bacon in there!

OH!  And this dish was one of the first times I used one of my coolest registry gifts.  The collapsible colander!  The colander part is made of a flexible material that flattens out to store, but opens up like a bowl for draining pasta, etc.  There’s also a stand so that it can stand on its own and not make contact with the sink.  It seems silly that I’d be excited about this, but when you realize you have very little space in your kitchen, you are grateful for creative space savers.
This is a really awful picture of my favorite and easiest dessert to make (for real, I’ve made this cake about 4 times since I’ve gotten married, that’s about once a month, which works for me).  I need to get a better picture of this so that you can see how beautiful this cake can be.  And I suck at making food beautiful, and I am not that great at making food period, so anyone could do it.  For real, I’ve been making this cake since I was in college… I had a pot and a Bundt pan, and that’s it, so I made this a lot to impress people since I couldn’t cook anything else.  Everyone needs a Bundt pan so they can make Darn Good Chocolate cake.
This is chicken cooked in the crockpot with an italian dressing seasoning sauteed summer squash.
My favorite dessert is bread pudding, but I’ve heard it’s complex so I wasn’t sure about making it myself. It is complex, but it’s worth it.
These are pork ribs and corn (btw- those frozen steam in a bag vegetables… that’s the only way I eat or serve vegetables usually… so don’t think too highly of me 🙂 ).  They were not as good as my mom’s or my grandmother’s ribs, but considering the price of the meat and the amount of time I spent, they were pretty darn good.
We’ve made more, but those were the most notable (and the most photogenic).
Any other newlywed dishes/meals I should know about?

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