I think J and I are allergic to each other, or to marriage.

It seems like we both have suffered from some sickness or another since we got married.  I had a perpetual cough from July until October, then I’m pretty sure we both had H1N1, and we’ve both just been off our normal healthy game.

I think that big change just affects your immune system, and we both live in much closer quarters than ever before, so although I never expected this part of newlywedness, I’m not really surprised.  I’m guessing we’ll adjust.

In comparison to me, J has been pretty healthy throughout, as a teacher I don’t think it’s surprising that he was the first to get the swine flu, but even that was too much for Mr. “I never get sick.”  But then last week he started to complain about headaches.  And then bodyaches.  And then a sore throat.  And then tiredness.  And I just kept thinking that I was almost positive his previous sickness had been H1N1, which shouldn’t be a problem more than once.  And he assured me that, while he felt bad for no apparent reason, this was different from the week of swine flu.  He stayed home from work for 2 days because of sheer exhaustion and a yo yo-ing fever, but then he started to feel better so he figured it was over and went back to work, only to come home and crash.

Are you making a diagnosis yet?  Once we realized that the fever (yo yo-ing from 99 to 102 degrees) was never going away completely, we went to the doctor.

Elf was on in the waiting room, which made my stay pleasurable.  “Santa!  I Know Him!”

And then J came out, looking almost amused.

“so, I have mono.”

“But you’re 27!!”  I didn’t say that out loud, but I definitely thought it.  I thought mono had an age limit, I guess.  It does not.  Or if it does, it’s past 27.

Jokingly my coworkers asked who he had been kissing, which I didn’t think of, and no he hasn’t been kissing anyone but me (although he hasn’t been kissing me for 3 days now, more on that later).  But I am curious as to how he got it.  I started some heavy (internet) research on mononucleosis, and learned that most people carry the virus that causes mono, but once you have mono (and many have a mild case as a child that might go untreated), you won’t have it again, but the virus could become active again (without symptoms) and be passed on.  So he could have gotten it from me (I had walking pneumonia as a kid, and I know that can sometimes be a misdiagnosis of what is actually mono… wishful thinking party of 1) in which case we don’t have to worry.  Or he could have already passed it to me, but the symptoms won’t show up for 6-8 weeks.  Or he could pass it on to me at any point (I’ve read it’s contagious from 3 months to a year after the symptoms stop)

Basically I’m screwed.

I mean, so is he.  No work yesterday, and his normally energetic self is gone.  His illness is clear, and it’s miserable at times to see him feeling miserable.  One second we’re having a fun conversation and the next second I’m saying “go to bed, you’re tired, that’s the only thing that will fix it.”

But I’m wondering if I can even avoid infection?  We have a kissing ban at least through this weekend when he goes off his medicine (medicine which only treats the symptoms of sore throat and fever, not the actual illness) and then we’re lifting it.  And obviously we’re not sharing food or drinks (we never shared toothbrushes, because that’s gross).  But apparently mono germs can live in the air for awhile, so anything that Jacob’s saliva (the germ’s transportation of choice) touches could carry the germs for awhile.  And I’m not a germaphobe, so that’s a lot for me to keep track of.  And I don’t know how long any of these tactics should last… what good is it, if we’re avoiding all this, but I manage to “catch” it weeks from now?

Anyone have experience living with someone with mono?  Should I give up or keep trying to be more careful (read: paranoid)?


3 thoughts on “Lovesick

  1. That's what you get for wanting to kiss Jacob!!!! Ha! The problem with living in such close quarters is that you are just both going to get whatever the other one has…if it is contagious. Just wait till you have kids and you start passing it back and forth between the whole family.

  2. I've actually had mono twice now. I had it as a senior in high school and it was SO BAD the dr took me out of school for 3 months and I was banned from working out or any form of exercise for six months. I'm not joking. My mono came out of hibernation last Thanksgiving. When I was told I had mono “again” the dr told me they have found that there is a such thing as reoccurring mono.

    With that being said, my husband has NEVER had it. He should have had it when I was 17 and he should have had it last fall, but he's never shown any signs of having it.

    Now, I will say that after he heard it was “back” last year, he quit kissing me until I felt back to normal.

  3. I had a case that lasted 3 months in high school, and I hadn't even kissed anyone. My hubby has never had it, but I do know people that have had it more than once.

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