Pointed Punctuation

About a year ago, J and I went to a local restaurant called the Italian Inn.  We love it there, because the Italian food is great, and you can get a booth that has swinging doors… you can close the door for some romantic privacy, it’s pretty cute.  We went back for dinner a couple weeks ago.

A tradition at the Italian Inn is graffiti on the walls.  I don’t know how long people have been doing this, but the walls are covered with “ralph and Anna 4 ever” etc.  And the booth we were in even had love notes that couples had stuck under the glass of the table.  So we had fun reading some of the fun notes.

But my favorite note was some graffiti on the wall:

In case you can’t read that it says “yazmin is the ‘best’ girlfriend ‘ever'”

As a punctuation know it all I find this funny… did they think that this would make Yazmin think they were more serious, or was the writer meaning to come off as sarcastic as I’m reading it.  Because the way I’m reading it, it goes something like this:

Yazmin is the “best” (I’m only saying that because she’s looking over my shoulder, and when I say best I mean worst) girlfriend “ever” (and when I say ever I actually mean never because my second grade girlfriend was better than her, and she stomped on my foot on the playground…)


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